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Does Not #FollowFriday

In spring of 2009 Micah Baldwin started a twitter Meme that would never die. It’s called #FollowFriday.

The idea behind #FollowFriday is that you (the twitter user) would take one fascinating person you follow on twitter, and explain to the rest of your followers why they should follow them.

Follow Friday from Micah

I embraced Follow Friday for most of 2009. I loved sharing great finds with my community.

Unfortunately 2010 was the year that I didn’t use Twitter on Fridays, mostly Friday mornings. I would go to twitter and my entire stream would be flooded with tweets like this

I see absolutely no value in 140 characters with a bunch of names and no explanation. I follow almost 5,000 people on twitter, and each and every one of them is worth following and interacting with.

Tomorrow morning, and every Friday moving forward I will be logging onto twitter, but instead of reading the live feed (as I typically do), I’ll be looking at my short list of people who have promised to not #FollowFriday.

The list is here, it’s short, but at least you will be able to navigate twitter.

If you won’t be participating in #FollowFriday please leave your twitter id below in the comments and I’ll add you to the list.

If you will beĀ participatingĀ in #FollowFriday I’d love for you to recommend just one person (maybe two) and give a reason for following them. It’s possible that people will actually pay attention. Just not me, I’m using lists to filter the noise out.