The Game Changer

Check it out at licensed music, free, online. I’m not sure that it’s a business model that’s good for musicians, but business and art aren’t often a marriage. It’s an incredible start up, you can play music straight from your browser, so it doesn’t take up precious space on your hard drive. With over 6 million songs (as of today) and no intrusive advertising, I’m betting on LaLa. Somewhere an executive at Apple is weeping. My kids don’t have to buy their music any longer.

Tech Talk Tuesday

I’m running out to the 140 Conference. I’ll be all ears and hopefully have a new application to talk to you about next week. For the time being I’ll share a little secret with you. If you go on twitter and follow @BMaso you’ll be privy to the short but sweet thoughts of one of the smartest guys in tech.

Tech Talk Tuesday: MeeHive

A few weeks ago I got an email from MeeHive asking me to check out their site. “I would totally love to,” I replied, “but I’m really busy playing tennis and not putting out any quality content.” “OhMyGoodness,” they responded, “you can subscribe to tennis news on MeeHive, and we would love to talk to you about navel gazing.” Well, actually that’s not at all what happened, but it’s my fantasy, so leave me alone. MeeHive is a site where you can take all your blog feeds, all your newspaper …

LA Tech Scene: We Have The Hottest Nerds In the World

I almost can’t write today, my liver is in a state of rebellion, my eyes are glassy and my brain is fried. However, I’ll sit here for a moment and give you a quick recap of Digital LA, where the nerds are beautiful. The plan was for me to carpool with Kim Prince and meet my husband at Area for a Digital LA event. Long story short, the carpool didn’t work out timewise and I took a swanky Towncar. Guess what the towncar runs on? Compressed Natural Gas! Loved EvoLimo, …

Tech Talk Tuesday: I Owe You

To take a screenshot on your iPhone hold down the button in the middle and tap the power. This tip comes to you courtesy of my 10 year old.