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I Tried Omegle So You Don’t Have To

I heard about a site called Omegle. It’s where you go to chat anonymously with strangers. I decided it try it (so you don’t have to). I’m not brave enough to try Omegle’s video chat (I imagine there are many Farve-eque guys there), but I did have the following text chats.

You can decide if it’s a good way to spend your time:

Omegle Chat Number 1:

You: Hi
Stranger: Who are you
You: I’m a mom. you are?
Stranger: A mom.
Stranger: Really.
You: Really? Where?
Stranger: Shush, new fag.
You: And why did you logon to Omegle if you don’t mind my asking?
Stranger: I’m from the world wide web.
You: Well, you certainly troll effectively.
Stranger: Sarcastic faggot is sarcastic.
Stranger: Hahaha.
Stranger: Mothers ALWAYS ASK FOR IT!
You: Is faggot an insult? or are you gay?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Omegle Chat Number 2:

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: as;
Stranger: asl
You: 40, female, not looking for cybersex, are you still there?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: 21 male
Stranger: can i see wht u look like
You: no, I’m sorry, you can’t.
You: what does the L stand for? I understand A= age, and S= sex
Stranger: can u desribe what u look like
Stranger: l=location
You: Ahh, are you in the US?
Stranger: yes
You: do you use omegle a lot?
Stranger: eyyy
Stranger: yea
You: video or text?
Stranger: txt vid is a bunch of guys with there dicks out
You: LOL I suspected it would be full of guys who learn from Farve.
Stranger: haha yea what state u in
You: california.
Stranger: mind if i ask about ur life
You: I’m really curious about who is using Omegle and why they might use it. I feel like an interloper.
You: My life is pretty public, I’m a blogger. I’ll probably put this on my blog. I hope you don’t mind. I won’t put anything about who you are if you decide to share with me.
Stranger: uhmmm
Stranger: only if i can see one pic of u
You: here’s one of my videos
You: are you a student or employed?
Stranger: military
You: ooh, thank you for that. we need you guys.
You: I’ve never tried Omegle before. I was just curious what the appeal is of anonymity, besides the dumb guys with their dicks out.
Stranger: I dont know how to explain it just kinda the social aspect
You: Do you prefer it to twitter?
Stranger: Yes
You: What would you do if you were stuck here with another guy? I’m guessing that’s not what you wanted?
Stranger: disconnect
You: :) see if I got launched into a private chat with another mom or another lady I’d be stuck here for hours.
You: Are there better times than others to logon?
Stranger: Not really
You: have you ever considered using this space with your real name?
Stranger: nopr
You: :) I’ll let you go. Thanks again for serving us all.
Stranger: What size r ur boobs
You: oh dear. goodbye.
Stranger: the leaase u can do for me putting my life on the line
You: goodnight soldier.
You have disconnected.

OMegle Chat #3:

You: what’s your favorite website?
Stranger: idk
You: then what’s set as your homepage?
Stranger: um google
You: do you use gmail then?
Stranger: no haha
You: so it’s not to logon to chats or things, it’s just where you begin?
You: how long have you been on Omegle today?
Stranger: yaaa……. lol like 5 minutes
You: how many chats do you plan to have today?
Stranger: IDK
You: Can I assume you’re a teenager?
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Ugh, I realized after he/she disconnected that I must sound pervvy.
Parents: go ahead and blacklist this site from computers that your kids might use.
Everyone else: don’t bother.