Bad Pitch PR Spam via Constant Contact and Mail Chimp

One of the most difficult tasks as it relates to time management is keeping the inbox functional. You’ll see that I don’t aspire to have a zero anywhere there, just manageable. I use my inbox as a place to store data. When I’m standing at Costco I can scroll through emails from Mr. G and … Read more

Tech Tips Tuesday

Hi all, this will be the first of what will hopefully be a weekly post full of tech tips.

With over 10 years of an online presence I’ve had to find free and easy ways to maximize both my time and energy. At this very moment there are 136 unread email messages in my inbox and I’m not worried about. Why?

Gmail has filters, use them.

Do you get a weekly email from your child’s school? How about press releases (I get about 30 of those a day)? Let’s create a quick filter together.

First logon to gmail, click the settings tab up at the top right part of the screen


Next select filters

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