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Warwick Hotel

New York Makes My Ass Look Fat

My husband was here working here in New York City on Thursday so I flew in with the kids Friday. We arrived early, flight was great, whatever. Showed up at the Warwick Hotel in midtown and I have decided that this is the only New York Hotel I ever need to be in. It’s service oriented, thick walls and though the rooms don’t connect, you get your own little hallway, it’s actually better for a family than most. The Warwick dazzled me in every way.

Lexus let me test drive an SUV because they are suckers so nice, and we took it to Long Island both Saturday and Sunday. I then successfully navigated a Sunday Evening LIE, some kind of Raceway along the East river (do you EVER fill potholes here?) and then I parked it successfully in the Lower East Side. Sometimes it’s the little victories.

Friday we sent the kids back to LA alone. That’s right they hopped onto an airplane by themselves for a six hour flight. Oh, and a completely unacceptable 2.5 hour delay on the tarmac. I would like to publicly thank the entire airline industry for joining together in the “it’s a safety issue” mantra. It makes it so much better when your gate attendants (or whatever they are called) are completely useless, snarky and not helpful at all. It’s fabulous when I see six of them standing around talking and they can only glance up to say “we don’t know anything”.

Twitter support rocked, but it was a little like putting whipped cream on dog shit.

We had to check out of the Warwick and move to a hotel where my husband’s next bit of work was. Ick. Just ick. Here is the list of what doesn’t work for me about the hotel. Maybe I’m a dilettante, but you be the judge. 

Wifi is expensive and unreliable
There is black grime in the shower, I asked them to clean it, they appear incapable.
The bar does not open until 5pm
The rooftop bar has a hostess that appears to be a callgirl. When I said something to the concierge downstairs she said they hear that a lot, then she shrugged.
I got stuck in the hotel elevator with drunk Texans.

The was amazing. I’m trying to do a recap post, but I can tell you this. The attendees were the real stars. Everyone was welcoming and inclusive and there to learn and preach a little too. It had immense value and I think Jeff Pulver ought to be commended for pulling together everyone from the obvious rockstars to the most humble of all.

It is storming and I am working on a few projects. 

Mostly I miss my kids. I just want to be with them and be not here. I think if my surroundings were a little better I’d be less miserable, but it’s entirely possible that I just miss my kids too much to enjoy myself properly.