Fat Acceptance is Bullshit

I’m tired of hearing people equating obesity with race, hence the discrimination.

I can’t carry my 7 year old on my back all day long and still have a good quality day. He’s 50 pounds or so. Many of you “fat acceptance” bloggers have lots more than 50 pounds on you. Stop pretending it’s okay. You are dying and some of you are killing your kids. That has me irate.

It’s got to suck to be morbidly obese. I can’t imagine laboring to get out of bed, oh, wait I can, you see I was HUGE when I was pregnant. It’s not a way to live your life.

Here’s the deal, you stop pretending that 9 year olds with man boobs are in a “phase” and I’ll do everything I can to support you in your new, life affirming lifestyle.

Because fat acceptance is kinda like cancer acceptance. You’re killing yourself and you sound like an asshole when you talk about it.

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  • barzabel

    “You are no more qualified to lecture the obese on how to lose weight than I am qualified to lecture my short friends on how to become tall. You just have a different environmental and genetic legacy than they do.”

    More bullshit. There may be a small number of fat people who are like that because of an illness, but the vast majority are huge because they eat too much and move too little. How come 50 years ago the percentage of obese people in the US was very low? Did everyone’s genetics change so drastically in the past 5 decades? How come most of Europe (except for England) is thin? Are Europeans’ metabolism so different than ours? No, it’s just that 50 years ago in the US and in Europe now people don’t enhale junk food 24 hours a day, driving their car two blocks to the nearest convenience store to buy it. Whining about mean people who call names is missing the main point that being obese is in fact extremely unhealthy.

    • Honey Hitlist

      Well said!!!!! Don’t like being called fat, then lose weight.

  • Colonel sanders

    The fact is fat people want special benefits because they’re fat. I don’t care if you’re hurting yourself, do whatever, you can still be my friend. But unless your fatness is due to thyroid or hormonal problems you do not have a disability, you are a lazy shit and deserve no special treatment (take the fucking stairs, etc.). If you are a fat person and you are sitting next to me on a plain or train and encroaching on my seat I will elbow you and probably ask you to try to get the fuck out of my seat, afterall, the fat acceptance movement should seek equality not special preferential treatment (because that’s not fair to those of us that aren’t fat.)

    • Honey Hitlist

      High freaking five!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tim

    Ok, I usually don’t even bother trying to argue with people over the internet but this is too much. Accepting yourself, fine. But everyone needs to realize that their body is still their own creation. EVERYONE can lead a healthy lifestyle if they want, most people don’t because they’re lazy and love food. Period. Difference is that some people become fat, other don’t. Quit blaming it on genetics, failing diets, and discrimination that leads you to eat your feelings. Nobody said you should look like victoria beckham, so stop using the evils of anorexia as an excuse, they’re not part of the discussion. It’s about being healthy and raising your children in a healthy way (which is the most important lesson here). I hope you guys realize that half the world is starving to death, while this country gives birth to fat pride groups left and right. Something should tell you that you’re off. I read about this movement on a German news website, which is my final point. The rest of the world is shaking its head at you.

    • http://twitter.com/xdmaxx3 Drifter

      Exactly. I’ve yet to hear other countries come in on this. It’s because so many people in America are obese, they want it to just be okay.

  • http://www.twitter.com/silentbeep3000 silentbeep


    I am of the belief that all people, small thin or fat are deserving of baseline dignity and respect – this is not about “approving of lifestyles” this is about basic human rights. You cannot hate people for their own good and enjoying the humiliation and shaming of others and most of all nannying and bullying grown adults “for their health!!” doesn't really do much good at best and damages people psychologically at worse. If you love a fat person, there are plenty of non-shaming ways to discuss health with them in a mindful, calm manner (and that means listening to them if they agree or don't agree with you, cut the bullying out). If you don't love and/or care about a fat person in your life, than it's really none of your damn business – the idea that our bodies should be policed by perfect strangers is bullshit. If that person “keeps stuffing their face” perhaps consider the fact that they may be a compulsive binge eater and screaming at them to “just stop eating” is about as helpful as telling an anorexic to “just eat already.” It is important to note however: just like all thin peole are not bulimics and/or anorexics (even if they are really skinny) not all fat people eat compulsively. Fat people are just like thin people only bigger.

    The idea that grown adult fat people need to be told in condescending and patronizing ways that they are fat is ridiculous. Fat people are not stupid just because they are fat – just because you may be thin does not mean you are smart either.

    • fatacceptanceacrock

      I also believe that human beings whatever they look like are divine beings and are entitled to equal dignity. However, I also think fat acceptance is BULLS* and that those who espouse it are playing a silly, delusional game but I understand where its coming from: a place of hopeless and dispair of anger and frustration. NOBODY should be bullied or teased or screamed at because they are overweight. People should be accepted. But fat should not be accepted. When I was obese (not morbidly so) what I accepted was that at the moment I was overweight but it was a temporary disadvantage that I would work to overcome.

      That’s how I view ovese people. As having a temporary disadvantage but always as a fellow humabeing with dignity. ALWAYS. I do not tolerate people making fun of the obese or discriminating against obese persons. That’s just wrong isn’t it? And its equally wrong for these fat acceptance people to spread their lies about being fat and fit and saying obesity it normal and healthy. They are fooling know one. I’ve been there, and I know the truth.

      If we want to rail against fatness, let’s rail against our culture that creates it. That discourages physical activity, works people into the ground, doesn’t provide pedestrian friendly public spaces, pushes cheap marginally nutritious fast food at us 24/7, and encourages eating disorders and crash diets with a 30 billion dollar diet business. Now wonder this country just keeps getting fatter and sicker every year.
      Fat acceptance is really accepting all of that, imho.

      • http://twitter.com/xdmaxx3 Drifter

        Exactly. I have nothing against if someone’s fat only if they realise it’s a problem and try to fix it. Even if they can’t succeed, if they’re trying to eat good foods I can still respect them. But for the ones who eat chips and drink soda, sit on the couch, and demand that they don’t pay more for taking up airline seats because it’s discriminatory, that’s the things I hate.
        They shouldn’t be harassed for being fat either, just helped.

        And I -really- hate when they compare being fat to LGBT. Not even f*cking close.

    • http://twitter.com/xdmaxx3 Drifter

      “The idea that grown adult fat people need to be told in condescending and patronizing ways that they are fat is ridiculous. Fat people are not stupid just because they are fat – just because you may be thin does not mean you are smart either.”
      It’s not because healthy people think they’re stupid, it’s because they kick up sh*tstorms if you tell them they’re eating too much so we have to be overly polite.

      • silentbeep

        Nope. Not true. People who do “eat too much” experience a variety of causations for doing so (ex. depression, grief, binge eating disorders, etc.) for doing so and the false belief that all fat people “eat too much” is destructive. It erases the experience of those that suffer from binge eating disorders, and it erases the experience of fat people that eat in ways that are not disordered.The idea that people are “overly polite” to fat people would be laughable if it wasn’t so noxious. It is a delusional belief that telling a fat person “you eat too much” is actually original – it’s a complete erasure of what fat people’s lives are already like. Believe me – there is no shortage of people lining up to tell fat people how wrong and disgusting they are. Look up the research by Rebecca Puhl at the Yale Center for Obesity – the work there on weight stigma is quite good. If you are a perfect stranger, it is none of your business what the medical history is or isn’t of that person. Unless someone is coming to you for a binge eating disorder and you have some expertise in the matter, it isn’t your business to opine away about someone else’s eating habits, disorder or not.

        Fat acceptance is the idea that fat people, should not be treated like social pariahs, that’s it! Why this concept is so hard to understand I’ll never know. Medical issues and eating is a total distraction. What people do with their bodies is their business. Treating ALL people with some base level minimum of respect and dignity is the issue, NOTHING else.

        • Strawberry

          Ya know, high heels and boob jobs are bad for your health too. Funny how nobody calls those women aside and calmly informs them of the damage they are doing to their bodies. Hmmm… could all of this “health” talk be a ruse? Could this be more about pleasing men (cause I don’t see anyone attacking fat dudes) than actual concern over women’s health?


          • Being human

            You’re comparing milk shakes to donuts. High heels and boob jobs are completely different from being fat. I agree that eating too little is dangerous as well, but being proud of being fat is ridiculous. America has a really bad obesity problem and we need to deal with it.

          • Honey Hitlist

            I actually have less respect for fat men. Why? They have the muscle building hormones and more lean muscle mass to begin with. When I see grown men with boobs, big enough to fill a D cup i am revolted.

  • Marcela

    I agree 100% – while it is definitely wrong to discriminate or harass anyone- for any reason.

    However, being told that you need to lose weight because it’s bad for your health is NOT discriminatory, sorry! Just because it’s something you don’t want to hear (or do anything about) is not a form of discrimination. Hate to break it to you.

    No, you cannot be both obese and healthy. Sorry if that offends people but facts are facts. If you are severely overweight (or underweight for that matter) you are endangering your health. Period. And there are mountains of scientific evidence that attest this.

  • Marcela

    I agree 100% – it is definitely wrong to discriminate or harass anyone- for any reason.

    However, being told that you need to lose weight because it’s bad for your health is NOT discriminatory, sorry! Just because it’s something you don’t want to hear (or do anything about) is not a form of discrimination. Hate to break it to you.

    No, you cannot be both obese and healthy. Sorry if that offends people but facts are facts. If you are severely overweight (or underweight for that matter) you are endangering your health. Period. And there are mountains of scientific evidence that attest this.

  • http://www.solitarymama.com Christina Majaski

    Thank you for this. I understood what you were getting at completely. A lot of people are tired of celebrating obesity but few will say it.

    Being a normal human being means not bullying or harassing anyone for any reason, but it can’t be so black and white that the only other choice is celebrating fatness. We don’t need to give our children an excuse to be unhealthy just so it doesn’t hurt someone else’s feelings.

  • Caroline

    ok, so I’m not sure that anyone here who is against the fat acceptance movement is really GETTING what it is about. It’s not the “excuse to let yourself be a lazy slob” movement. It is an attempt to show the U.S. and the world that the degradation, condescension, and general disrespect towards overweight people is NOT HELPING THE ISSUE. Seriously, are people still not getting this? Fat Acceptance isn’t about fat people accepting that they’re fat, they already know it. It’s about making other people accept that dealing with weight issues isn’t a simple thing.

    Look at the uproar created by having plus sized models, or god forbid fat people on Television (new show Mike and Molly). People get all in a tither when there are fat people represented in roles that are not the typical fast food munching couch potatoes. Seriously, I’ve read all over the internet the amazing number of people who think that “normalizing” obesity in the media is a “dangerous” action, because it tells people that being fat is ok. So instead, all fat people in the media, and in any sort of public forum must be shown in only a shameful manner? How is that helping? Being ashamed of my weight hasn’t helped my diet and exercise struggle so far in life, and I’ve been around for 35 years now.

    So really, fat acceptance isn’t about just accepting fat people as human beings. It’s about accepting that the current system is not working. It’s about fat people being able to feel comfortable making good decisions for their body for themselves and for their health, not because they want to look like Megan Foxx. And what it’s really, really about is being happy with ourselves. Because even if I don’t lose weight, I’d still rather live a fulfilling and happy life, without the constant feeling of doom, gloom, and guilt because I didn’t succeed at reaching a “normal” BMI.

    One of the most difficult things about weight loss is that, if you have to struggle, it’s a DAILY struggle. Imagine that for a minute. Imagine adding on to your already overtaxed day a constant struggle to always make that right decision. Losing weight is not easy folks, and losing weight and keeping it off is even harder. And fucking accept that fat people know that they are fat, and being made to feel like they are bad human beings for trying to have a life instead of focusing only on losing weight is kind of fucked up.

    • Icehh

      It sure helped Asia. I don’t know if you know what it’s like over there, but society pressures girls to be in the double digits in pounds. a bmi of 23 is considered overweight, and 25 is obese (but mostly due to the smaller body frame of Asians as compared to Caucasians or people of African descent). if you ever see a heavy person on tv, it’s showcasing their weight loss. Obviously, pressure has some effect, because Asian people are considered some of the healthiest of the world, in their diets as well. In the western world, if you can’t fit in a desk, the facility will accomodate you. If you were in Asia, they would definitely be less friendly. I’m not saying that this is a good thing that’s occuring in Asia, since ostracizing is common towards overweight children in school… however, the opposite end isn’t that great either. How overweight women view underweight women should go both ways. Neither are healthy lifestyles to live. Of course, a few pounds could benefit, but not 100+ extra pounds, like some supporters of FA that I’ve seen.

      However, if what the FA’s goal is, that is, truly making good choices for their bodies and health, I’ve not seen mch of it. Dieting is difficult, I’ve been there. Actually, I’m sure most people have tried it before, no matter their size. But if someone truly wants to keep the weight off, they need to permenantly change what they eat. However, they should not be forcefeeding themselves fruits every day. It’s a matter of weaning oneself off of certain foods and adjusting the body to new ones. Many people think they’ll be able to change in a week, but it’s not like that. It’s never like that.

  • John Anon

    Actually, you CAN be overweight and healthy. What you cannot do is OVEREAT and be healthy. Studies show that you can eat healthy and have a non-sedentary lifestyle and still be fat, and, if you do eat healthy and have a non-sedentary lifestyle and are still fat, you actually live LONGER than skinny people and are more likely to survive a cardiac arrest.

    • http://JessicaGottlieb.com Jessica Gottlieb

      No, you cannot be, otherwise you wouldn’t be “overweight” you’d be a “normal weight”.

      I understand that underweight is dangerous too, but by it’s very definition “overweight” means you weigh too much. It doesn’t make you a bad person, but it is a problem.

      • John Anon

        Um, actually, the reason i posted the comment is because its true. or else, what would be the point? You can have a thyroid condition or your body retains too much water or even just have the wrong body type.

        • Fatbusters

          Huh? What a crock of crap!

          First of all, thyroid conditions are rare, REALLY rare. As in 1% rare, meaning stubborn fatties cannot continue to cling to the “it’s my thyroid!” excuse, and be taken seriously in any debate regarding obesity.

          Secondly, are you trying to say that 400 pound fatties are just retaining water??? Who in the HELL retains 200+ lbs of water??!!!! NOBODY, that’s who.

          Third, WTF is “the wrong body type”? There’s no such thing! You’re just pulling random crap out of the air, with no scientific basis what-so-ever.

          Oh, and “healthy overweight” is an oxymoron…but mostly moron, like YOU.

    • http://twitter.com/xdmaxx3 Drifter

      Yeah I’ve read that article and they said SLIGHTLY overweight. All the Fat Acceptance groups take it as “100+ pounds overweight? Great! It means I live longer.” No. 10 pounds, maybe 15 max is what they’re talking about and you wouldn’t be considered fat. I have no problem with chubby people (Having a little extra weight), I actually think they’re more attractive. It’s the huge people who are almost waddling and breathing hard after climbing a flight of stairs. That’s what I don’t like.

  • Jennifer

    This is directed to no one, in particular, but a lot of ‘someone’s’ as a whole…

    The story: You see Bobbi Jo walking to the local country market on a cold Winter’s afternoon. She’s obviously over-weight. She’s wearing less than flattering clothes, but carries a smile upon her face that is contagious. You don’t know Bobbi Jo, but you feel justified your in your opinion of her and her weight. Once inside, you see Bobbi Jo in the chip aisle and think to yourself, “OMGosh, she’s buying chips!” as you look at her in disgust. How could she ever allow herself to think that eating a fattening food is acceptable? Doesn’t she realize that she looks grotesque and doesn’t live up to my standards? Perhaps if I show her via facial expressions or perhaps telling her that I feel her choice of food is wrong… she’ll buy a bag of baby carrots instead.


    1. Bobbi Jo has a thyroid disease. She has been consuming an 800 calorie a day diet because she doesn’t want to be fat. She wants to be thin. Yet, she has the weight of the world (no pun intended) lying on her shoulders as she fights a medical condition that makes it next to impossible to shed that weight. So she’s celebrating that she lost the weight and just wants to consume some chips; not the entire bag — a serving. It’s a reward for conquering such a humongous feat. Something of which her own Doctor told her not to get her hopes up for, but she didn’t give up hope. However, you don’t know about Bobbi Jo’s struggle because all you see is fat. She see’s you staring and feels the disgust you have for her. She now feels shame and as if she’s not worthy of enjoying a snack that she has resisted consuming for the last six months. Six months. That’s how long it took her to lose that 20lbs.

    2. Bobbi Jo has Type 2 diabetes. She would love nothing more than to eat that bag of chips that she just so happens to be purchasing for a BBQ that she’s attending with her children — they’re not for her. She knows she has to watch every single bite she consumes because no matter how hard she tries, she struggles every day, on making the right choices. Yet, the weight either stays or it yo-yo’s. Interesting enough, the insulin that she takes to keep her blood sugars within range is the precise thing that is causing her ability to lose weight, compared to a person who doesn’t have the chronic disease, next to impossible. But there you are, standing in the aisle with her and showing your sign of disgust and dismay that she is buying those bag of chips. Bobbi Jo is used to it. She’s seen that look before and realizes your opinion doesn’t matter because you, in fact, don’t know her or what she’s been dealing with. So, she ignores it, attends the party, and enjoys her life. Thankfully, she’s long forgotten about the look on your face and focuses on those people who have nothing, but empathy for what she has to endure. Life goes on…

    3. Bobbi Jo has an eating disorder. Much like an alcoholic or drug addict she can’t get help until she seeks help. In order to seek help we must be able to admit that we have a problem and that it doesn’t make us a lesser person; we’re all different. We all have issues and deal with things in various methods. Her’s just so happens to be food. Bobbi Jo finds comfort in it. She used to be a looker. Women envied her and men craved her attention. One man, in particular, couldn’t stop thinking about her. She was a mere 16 years old with the world as her oyster and he, a 40 year old man who believed he was entitled to take what ever he wanted. He took Bobbi Jo — against her will. Yes, he raped her; continually. He was her step-father. Through his abuse Bobbi Jo realized that the more weight she gained, the less attention he paid to her. So she started consuming as much food as she could. Due to this she found great comfort in food, the safety it provided her, and slowly learned to believe that as long as she was over-weight no one would ever desire her again. She see’s your disgust with her as she reaches for the bag of chips, and it doesn’t phase her. She goes home, alone once more, eating the entire bag of chips as a replacement dinner. Bobbi Jo lives alone in her Section 8 apartment, she’s unemployed, and living on food stamps. She’s filing for disability as the years of sexual abuse tortured her soul beyond all repair. She’s on medication to help her make it through just one more day. She wants to be happy, but the look of disgust that others give her when she’s in public reminds her of how little her self-worth is. Bobbi Jo believes that with all of her heart. She has convinced herself that she isn’t allowed to be respected and treated like a human being. He taught her that years ago… you’ve just convinced her, once again, that he was right.

    4. Bobbi Jo has both thyroid and Type 2 diabetes. She hates it. It harbors her from living an even semi-normal life. The medicine that she has to take make her feel toxic. She was always under the impression that medication was suppose to help assist or heal; not make her feel as if she’s a walking zombie for the rest of her days. Who knows how long she has left? With her Endocrine system slowly falling apart (she has diabetic nephropathy — a more progressive kidney disease that stems from Type 2 diabetes) on her, she’s doesn’t know if she’ll live very long. She was a healthy weight before; not ideal, but healthy. Only 20lbs overweight. However, her medication has caused a massive weight gain. She felt grotesque. Between being over-weight and the toxic medications she has to take — she made a decision to quit taking her medication with hopes that she could rid the weight, feel attractive again, and rid herself of Type 2 Diabetes. It’s that damn stigma that people with Type 2 Diabetes are all over-weight. She laughs to herself when she realizes how a lot of people generalize in that regard. How, if they only knew that she put on over 50lbs simply by taking prescription drugs to maintain the diabetes, they wouldn’t be so quick to judge. Or perhaps that if you knew she stopped taking the medication and has been losing weight, in a less than safe method, simply by not taking insulin. Extreme weight loss is a symptom of uncontrolled diabetes. That’s when she see’s you looking at her reaching for the bag of chips. She rolls her eyes, resists the urge to educate you on diabetes and walks away reminding herself that not everyone is so smug and judgmental.

    I have 5, 6 and so on if I need to share them. The names have been changed, but having previously worked in a field where I took the time to get to know each client, I learned something from each of those above mentioned ladies… never judge a book by it’s cover. Don’t automatically assume that each over-weight person is lazy with an enormous appetite for food. Oh sure, they exist, but it’s not as common as people like to pretend it is.

    Being obese is an epidemic that is plaguing our country, but for various reasons. What is an even bigger epidemic… ignorance, judgments and lack of human compassion. I’ll take fat and jolly over ever “being cynical of someone who I know nothing about any day” for $1000, please.

    And if they WANT to be fat than no reason other than to be fat… that is their right to do so. Contrary to seemingly popular belief it’s not about YOU.

    With all of that said, I accepted Santa as fat (suppose that makes me an enabler to fat acceptance; shucks!) when I was a child, and I’m perfectly content in saying that I hope Jolly Old St. Nick (yes, I’m aware he’s a fictional character, but I dig the concept of the joy he brings once a year) doesn’t change who he is. I’ll leave him all the cookies and milk I can spare as long as he continues to spread his never-ending happiness to all the little children (fat & skinny alike) around the world. Some things are just more important than the ideal of what the “non-fat acceptance group’ believe he should be, after all. I just want the big guy to be happy. If he’s not, I trust that he’ll take care of it when he see’s fit and turn to me if he needs my support. Until then… it’s none of my business. I’ve got my own backyard to focus on.

    I’m just saying…

    • http://JessicaGottlieb.com Jessica Gottlieb

      I call bullshit on the thyroid disorder.

      My thyroid is gone. Dust. Dead. Necrosis. Gone.

      The most I have ever gained from the thyroid being off has been six pounds. Let’s say that you’re an extreme case and you gained three times as much weight, that’s still just 18 pounds. The rest is potato chips.

      The thyroid argument simply won’t work with me, I’m living it.

      • G

        Wow, your anecdata is so much more persuasive than other people’s anecdata and now I’m so totally convinced! Or not.

        It only takes a simple Google search to find that, despite your better knowledge of All Things Thyroid, weight gain is a well documented symptom of hypothyroidism. But hey, you’d know better than, like, people with medical training, right? Your symptoms are, after all, representative of all women’s sypmto.. wait, they aren’t? O RLY? Who’da thunk it?

        I guess at least if you pretend to care about people’s health then you can make a pass for the people in your life, neighbors, friends, colleagues and family, who are fat, you know, cause you care so much, there is some tangible reason for their fat and it’s not like when some random person on the internet claims to have thyroid problems (CAN YOU BELIEVE! WHAT A LOAD OF CROCK!), and it gives them a pass for you, cause it’s not like you go around hating random people on the street for their physical appearance, I mean, that would just make you a shitty person, no, it’s cause you *really care*. You just have a funny way of showing it.

        So, wow, too bad the “thyroid argument simply won’t work with you”, it works within the medical community, which is the only community where it should matter in the first place. Other people’s fat is not of your concern, no matter how they acquired it, whether they like it or hate it, whether they’re sick or healthy. You’ve managed to demonstrate quite well exactly why we need something like fat acceptance in the first place.

        • Libertarian

          On the street is a different issue. No one has the right to violate another liberty. There is a difference between employment and the street. As I said it costs more for an obese unhealthy persons insurance compared to a health person. It is an obvious DUH why it costs more for an obese persons insurance compared to a healthy ones. A employer has to factor in all costs of a potential employee.

        • mkc

          As a medical professional I just wanted to tell you that the likeliness of the fat woman in your story have a thyroid condition is slim to none. Most (80%) of the thyroid disease I see is in young people, prepubescent to young adults (under 30) and there usually is a dramatic weight gain with the onset of symptoms, lets say 20lbs in two months with no change in diet/exercise, and then that weight gain is sustained until treatment despite weight loss attempts. Being 20 lbs overweight is a cosmetic issue – for some, not a medical problem, you wouldn’t have rolls and ill-fitting clothing and be seen as grotesquely large. In my entire professional career I have yet to see a morbidly obese patient who was obese because of an untreated glandular problem. I can only think of two cases in my personal history where obesity was caused by any underlying medical issue that was not a impairment of motor function (I do have several overweight patients who are confined to wheel chairs for a variety of reasons, but the immobility does not account for obesity, rather a lack of reaction in calories to offset the immobility .
          With a completely absent thyroid, a woman eating 800 calories a day would lose weight, and mostly likely would be a on a complex drug regimen, as thyroid disease would giver her a long set of other problems that could not go undressed. Even someone with Prader Willi’s will loose weight on a such a drastically reduced calorie diet, though they would literally feel the sensations of starving to death. Even Prader Wili’s whle being a rare disease, is the leading genetic cause of obesity in the world and only around 17,000-22,000 people in America actually have it any given time. That leaves millions of obese individuals unaccounted for. I think some of the back lash for the fat acceptance movement is that it capitalizes on a few rare conditions as the explanation for nearly all obesity while ignoring the fact that rampant obesity (growing as a percent of the population every day) is becoming worse because of diet and lifestyle, not an increase in rare metabolic disease.

          My opinion on the health of obese patients is obviously skewed, healthy people usually don’t come to the doctor, but most CLINICALLY OBESE patient have at least 1 or more condition related to their weight.Some conditions you don’t even think of are aggravated if not caused by excessive weight: shark foot (where the small bones of the feet are smashed to bits just by pressure of your body weight) gout and infertility for examples. Yes thin people get heart attacks just like fat people but nonsmokers also get lung cancer. That is not more reason to smoke anyways, because the increased incidence makes it a silly risk to take, though anecdotal evidence has smokers living to be 121,its the exception not the rule, as is healthy obese patients, you have to pick what risks you are willing to live with.

          • amphetamine

            I just need to say THANK YOU for this. Fat Acceptance supports continually argue with me that there is ZERO (!!) scientific evidence to support that MOST people should be within their medical chart weight range. They refuse to believe “exception not the rule” and I am ready to tear my hair out.

            I have watched 4 uncles and both my grandparents on only one side of my family die from heart disease or complications stemming from Type 2 diabetes due to excessive weight gain and/or unhealthy habits and it is infuriating to hear people say that it can’t possibly be true. Really? Navy officers dying of a heart attack in their 20’s is normal? Nope.

            I am one of the few people in my family who takes weight gain seriously. THANK YOU

        • sandre

          60% of Americans are overweight. If 60% of Americans have thyroid problems, that’s not normal and cause for great concern. Let’s look at how we get thyroid problems: from the processed, chemical-riddeled, and genetically modified food we eat. You know, frozen tater tots, corn syrup, frozen dinners, hormone-addled meats and dairy, etc. It does all go back to food. It’s not enough to not eat whipped cream straight out of the can. You have to make sure you’re eating food that is WHOLE and PURE. Not processed crap that messes with your thyroid and metabolism.

      • http://thefirstchurchofmutterhals.blogspot.com/ mutterhals

        LMAO at “The rest is potato chips.”

    • Anonymous_Fat_Food_Addict

      I am number 3. I have an eating disorder. I am a Food Addict. I was physically and verbally abused as a child. I was abandoned by my mother when I was only 3 years old. I went to live with my father who beat the shit out of me as a kid, and constantly said nasty things to kill my fragile self esteem. My dad was a compulsive overeater, and he force fed me. When I got a bit older and was a latch key kid, food was the only friend I had. No one in school liked me-from my teachers to the other students. So I found comfort in the peanut butter jar and Oreos. As I got older, I developed bulimia. I found that vomiting all of the shit I gorged on helped a tiny bit. But not much. I went from 245 lbs to 158 pounds, back to 245 lbs again and then to 175 lbs as a teenager. In my early twenties my weight went up to 195. By my mid twenties my weight shot up to 296 lbs. Then when I was 27 I started counting my calories, and excercising in the evenings at the gym. Now I am 28. I weigh 202 lbs. I was 196 only a week ago-but then last week I had one night of extreme binging and put on a few lbs. The weight will come off again..but it isn’t healthy. I very much want to not have any binge days. I think I should allow myself one day of eating up to 2200 calories, and having a cheat day once a week…but no excessive binging and eating everything in sight. That has to stop. I know one thing-I will ALWAYS deal with having this eating disorder. And it can get worst as I grow older and my metabolism slows down. I am almost 29…I am not getting any younger and I know that my food addiction is a life long thing. Maybe I may develop health issues also later on. Who knows. I really want to keep my weight at a healthy range and to not binge so much. It is just so hard because after a while the addiction takes over for a bit. Then I get lost and gain all of the weight back. I know I should go to Over Eaters Anonymous meetings…but I fucking hate those weirdos there. And the meetings are always at some out of the way place. There are online and phone meetings…but I don’t want to hear their fucking issues. Maybe counseling can help to a degree…but at the end of the day, I think nothing can cure me of my food addiction. The only thing I can keep doing is trying to just fight another day. I have to fight very hard on the days I break down and feel I have to binge. If I can fight harder and maybe get more support, then maybe I have a better chance to keep my weight down. Thanks for listening.

  • Jennifer

    Dependent upon the thyroid levels will decide on how it effects a person. I don’t know much about it other than what I’ve heard from medical professionals (those who are Endocrinologists) , but it’s safe to say that each of them state that every person is affected differently. Some, with extremely high numbers can go into a coma; albeit I can’t think of the specific name of the coma, off-hand.

    It all comes back to generalizing again. “Just because it effects ME this way means it shouldn’t treat you any different” mindset; which simply isn’t true. Some people beat cancer, some people die from it. It’s relative to the patient, degree of severity, other medical issues, underlying problems, etc.

    But I won’t deny potato chips are high fat content and quite frankly… taste like shit.

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  • Libertarian

    This idea that you can be born “Obese” or “Overweight” is absurd. Yes it is possible in a very few RARE cases. (Genetic Conditions) However for the majority 99% it is a lifestyle. It is not healthy and counter productive. Obesity should be attacked by the public (not the government) because it is dangerous to health. Obesity is not normal. It is abnormal. Obesity should be factored in jobs. Because now with Obama-care Employers are forced to pay for insurance. However Obesity is not like skin color or sex. It is wrong to insult any person. However Obesity is a medical condition and not related to a “person”. It will and often already costs more dollars as an average to care for obese workers compared to a physically fit worker. The government should have no control on who you can hire. You are responsible for your self and by that extension you are responsible to the best of your ability your health. You have the right to choose to be obese but obesity should be discouraged and it already is. Once people wake up and realize that obesity is a major factor in health and being a healthy body mass “if possible” is a good choice and will improve desirable traits that are important. There is nothing to gain from obesity after all.

  • Libertarian

    That institutions such as the military, hospitals, schools, mental institutions, or
    prisons provide adequate food and not force anyone to diet against their will.

    Those that are Obese and Unfit are not allowed to join the military. Is that discrimination?

  • Zero Point2

    It makes me sad how little control the human race tends to have over food. People who make the change and see there is a problem then good on them. They are doing something positive about there health. I don’t feel as though fat people should be lambasted in public but fat acceptance is beyond me why say that being obese/morbidly obese is ok because its not, its dangerous to your health. Its also harmful to the young generation and is creating a sick society. We do not need these high fat, high sugar, high crap foods.

  • Anonymous

    Being an asshole in your own right is bullshit too, but that hasn’t stopped you yet.

    The original intent of FA was HAES (Health at Every Size), and it HAS morphed somewhat into “love me, shut up and leave me alone, no matter what.” Folks with that particular attitude are fucking it up for those who truly want to advocate for a healthy lifestyle.

    But lemme tell you this, oh Blogger Whose Blog Title Deceptively Implies That You Won’t Be Taking Personal Shots at Fat people: you’re not the only woman in America who gained a butt load of weight while pregnant. It IS hard to carry it around, yes. It’s also difficult to not have the energy to get out of bed while being underweight. I’ve been on both sides of that coin. Will you be shaming and discounting that experience next?

    Don’t take personal pot-shots at people from your place of obvious perceived and enjoyed privilege if you don’t  like getting any flack in return.

    My next blog will be titled “Asshole Parents Raise Asshole Kids” and will discuss your  seeming new movement, the Asshole Acceptance Movement. I’ll be sure to discuss your moral compass (or lack thereof) while shaming you for raising kids who see the example of a mother ostentatiously presenting judgements veiled as “wishing good health for others.” I’ll also be sure to ponder why it is that bullying reports have reached all-time highs in the last ten years. I’ll promptly blame it on parents like you, who apparently marry their arrogance with their pride. Come on by and read it while raising your own kids. get the hint?

    • Jennycraig

      I absolutely agree with you.

  • Smileymonkey

    OH what glory, I’m not a fat whale and no one loves me, you might think that this could be a bad thing but NOOO. I have now so many fat rolls that I can make my own butter from my sweat and I’m finally independent because I now own my own butter factory. It kind of sucks that butter is now my primary food, being unemployed because I am to fat to move, but hey I am fat so I love butter because well it’s fat , like me 

    (That’s pretty much how they talk. I mean go to a site like for example this and check: 

  • Fatties Make Me Sick

    Fatties are an eye-sore regardless.
    Loose some weight you poor excuse of a human.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FOYSLOOWKZBYPT5RMZGKE5SUWE LBJ

    daaaaaamn you compared them to cancer. lol. im definitely moving away from the fat acceptance people. i find them to be willfully ignorant.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aldous.grey Aldous Grey

    Jessica: My sister suffered from hyperthyroidism for a decade, that had been misdiagnosed as bi-polar disorder. She tried to kill herself multiple times, and would call me in the middle of the night in the middle of severe anxiety attacks. At no time during the course of her (rather ineffective) treatment for bi-polar disorder, even when she was in the hospital after trying to kill herself, did they ever check her for thyroid problems. It wasn’t until she walked into a new doctor’s office with her eyes bulging out of her head and her heart beating irregularly did anyone realize she had thyroid problems. So I can completely understand how someone with hypothyroidism can gain a significant amount of weight before being diagnosed and treated. The same with Cushing’s Disease.

  • http://www.facebook.com/aldous.grey Aldous Grey

    My sister finally had her thyroid gland removed and became a mentally stable person again about 5 years ago. She has been fine since with the exception of the fact that she gained about 30lbs while they struggled to get her medication levels adjusted. 15 of that is weight she needed, and 15 is excess. She just switched from synthroid and synthetic T3 to Armour so we’ll see how that goes.

  • adisgustingworldweeffinlivein

    I am so tired of this stupid generation and your dog shit. Love people for who they are. Gosh is that hard to do. Ok Jessica (blogger) don’t know if you know but FAT People especially fat women WANT TO BE LEFT THE FLYING FUCK ALONE!!!!!!!!! IF ANYTHING WE ISOLATE OURSELVES TO BE LEFT THE FUCK ALONE!!!!!
    you have some fat women who feel the need to put down other women with a little more weight. It is called insecurity and you skinny women don’t help.
    You bitch to your boyfriends / husbands about how your body’s look and get plastic surgery to fill the void. What you don’t know is that other people have to suffer the consequences to your actions.
    God is good and just leave me and my veggie loving, wheat bread spanking, water drinking , oh boy I feel good because I exercised.
    life the FUCK ALONE.
    & to those who eat twinkies do so but leave me and my 20 lb overweight stomach and 30 lb boobs the fuck alone!
    p.s – and if you can stop whispering and talking behind *no pun my back and mind at the breakroom i would really appreciate it.
    I HATE AND LOOOOOOATHE YOUR TYPES. & oh and when I was skinnier (size 10 to my now size 16/14) that’s fat to stupid mental patients like you. I HATED MY SKINNY GAL PALS AND THEIR SHIT TALKING ABOUT OTHER GIRLS OF ALL SIZE PORPORTIONS.

  • A. Nonymous

    The discrimination is hurtful, no matter to whom and where it happens. However, FA and HAES are in my opinion dangerous.

    I have gotten more discrimination from a so-called friend who is a member of the FAS/HAES movement and others like her than I have ever gotten from anybody else. Don’t try to lose weight around these people or they will get vicious. I learned that from experience when I started working out and changing my eating habits and I dropped from the Plus Sizes down into the regular women’s section. (For the record, my spare tires were due to stress and the bad habits that followed; they were my fault and I accept that but I don’t ask for ‘special treatment’ because of it.)

    I’ve heard their lecture and observed their flawed science; according to them the Mayo Clinic research science that helped me is ‘flawed’. I somehow think the flawed research is the other way around.

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  • halfiepint

    It’s got to suck to be so hateful. You sound like an asshole when you talk about it. What do you see in fat people, that you hate so much about yourself? Why is “fat acceptance” so threatening to you?

  • Katie McLean

    It’s none of your business, dollface- none at all. You’re spreading hatred, you’re making other people’s bodies your business. Your body, whether or not I perceive it as “normal” or “threatening” or “unnatural” is not mine to pass judgement on, and neither is mine yours. My life is mine to live however I can, or will. Stay on your side of the fence, please, and don’t scream hate speech into the street- it teaches all of our kids to be judgmental assholes.

    • Zoltan

      You are morbidly obese, that’s why you are upset. I actually know you, and yes, your body is grotesque. Stop complaining and start changing, you cow.

    • Fighting Fit

      You can get as big as a double wide and I don;t care about you or your health BUT when your gluttony and slothfulness add to my monthly healthcare premiums, I do have a say.

      Those obese parents with children so fat their eyes a mere slits should be charged with child abuse and the kids removed.

      I see what obese people buy and what they eat. I did an experiment 10 years ago and decided to eat like a fat person and guess what…I gained 35 pounds in 3 months and looked and felt terrible. Then I changed my eating habits and got off my fat ass and took it all off in 3 months. I PROVED it is food related.

      Do you have as much sympathy for the drug addict hooked on heroin or the smoker? Sure let’s let junkies shoot up on a plane, I mean can’t they live their lives just as they want, spreading Hepatitis C and HIV with sharing needles. Hell don’t they have rights too.

      If your gorging and did not effect me in any way shape or form I could give a hoot what you ate, when you ate it and how much. Drop dead from a stroke or a heart attack. I just feel bad for the people that have to lift you off the floor. No wait, forklifts will work. A new cottage industry to move fat people from place to place when they can’t walk.

      And since when is obesity a handicap? Again, why not give handicap stickers to drug addicts and alcoholics too messed up to walk to the store.

      NOTHING that is self inflicted should be my issue. I do my bit to stay healthy and fit and not be a burden on the healthcare system. All the while you, you selfish person, just want to able to shovel sugar and fat in your pie hole and not have to answer for the consequences thrust on those of us that give a damn
      and don’t give in to every craving.

    • sandre

      No, YOU’RE making other people’s bodies your business when you spread the dangerous lies that being fat is healthy – and you do this just so you can feel better about yourself. If you’re so happy with being fat, why all this hullabaloo with the fat acceptance movement?? Me thinks you doth protest too much. And how can you claim that fat people are the discriminated minority? 60% of Americans are fat.

  • kcsx

    Wow. Look at all the angry fatties. Don’t get your honey buns in a twist ladies, I’m sure she’s just a “privileged” twig of skin and bones that’s just jealous that you all have “curves”. Sure, maybe you had to pay for those curves with high blood pressure and diabetes, but “real” men prefer that, right? Right?

  • hugh

    I dont care if a person is overweight..I dont have any sympathy for a person thats overweight either (how the fuck am I susposed to care if your dying from heart disease or diabetes. you dont care enough to stop the behavior that causes it so why should I care. its like if I died from illegal drug use knowing the effects of drugs what kind of sympathy or acceptance does this warrent )…I hate the fat fucks that complain about being overweight…I used to be overweight when I was a kid and stayed that way late into my teens…then I put down the fork ….for all those that think its discrimination tell that bullshit to a black man or a gay person and lets see how quick they walk away from that bullshit. I dont have to accept anyone for whatever reason but I accept almost everyone with the exception of grown people that never work (with or without money) those that steal from people (not busineses(cause turnabout is fair play))Fat fucks that cry about being fat (cause its something you can change)and those that tell me I have to accept them (thats a real undue sense of entitlement) ….if they want to start charging fat people for two seats on the plane im for it. For those that think its unfair Ill tell you whats not fair is the other guy who couldnt fly because some fat fuck is rolling over his seat…yeah that shit isnt fair …why do you get a pass give me one good reason…dont give me that genetics bullshit either… I rarely see a fat fuck in the 5k run theres a reason for it…a lot of those guys live a lifestyle that keeps the fat off…i dont run but I try not to sit on my ass all day I may even lift some weights cause I know what I used to be (a fat lazy fuck) thank god I joined the service at 18 cause I would probably still be a fat lazy fuck if I hadnt

    • TCelt

      Well….you may not be fat anymore, but oh my are you still a fuck.

  • Alexandra1973

    It tends to be other people’s business when you sit on someone’s chair and break it, and when you hog up the scooters at Walmart so that people recovering from ankle surgery or have an otherwise LEGITIMATE need for them can’t use them. Not to mention exceeding the weight limit on said scooters and burning out the motors! (Yes, I’ve had ankle surgery, due to a club foot. One time at Lowe’s, while on crutches, some fat woman SAW me and took the last scooter anyway. But at least there was the wheelchair, and my husband put my crutches in the shopping cart.)

    It’s disgusting to see people’s rear ends spilling over the scooter seats, as well. Why won’t you WALK the weight off? Break that cycle!

    And no one wants to smell you, either, because you’re too blasted fat to wipe!

  • Being human

    Thank you for posting this article. Someone on facebook posted a comment saying they know they’re fat and they’re still proud. I personally found that comment disgusting. Fat people should be accepted as human beings, but their weight shouldn’t be. We also have a problem with people not eating enough. I just wish that more people could find a happy medium. Having a few extra pounds is all right, but being morbidly obese is uncalled for. There’s no excuse for it.

    • sandre

      Fat people can be fat and proud. I don’t care about that. What pisses me off is their rabid ranting that everyone else should be attracted to them and act like being fat is ok and attractive and healthy and the best thing since sliced bread. I just saw a youtube video from LoeyLane where she spent 13 minutes talking about how she doesn’t care AT ALL about the small percentage of comments she gets that are “hating on her.” LOL ok.

  • Zoltan

    Health at any size is totally delusional! Fat acceptance is basically saying “I give up!” Fuck these fatties!

  • sparks mcgee

    It’s funny when people say “discrimination” when discrimination is based on the way you were born and not your choices. We can discriminate against smokers, drug users, etc. but not fat people? Fat people choose to eat mountains of junk food (or just outrageous amounts of “healthy food”) not because they were born that way. Also it does become our business when you take up twice the space of a normal human and consume twice the calories and resources. Also, obesity is causing airline ticket prices to go up even further because of the increase in weight so yes your weight is affecting me and many other people. Also I’m sick of the fat consumerism that’s driving big chains like walmart and mcdonalds while bankrupting places like farmer’s markets that actually sell REAL FOOD.

    Oh yeah, and then there’s the paradox that America spends billions on diet products and fitness, while all these fat people say “I’m comfortable in my own body.” Yeah, that’s complete horse shit. You’re just following the trend of people who say that as a self-justification method for why you’re too lazy to cook a meal of real whole foods or get off your ass and stop being in front of the TV. Obviously if more people were comfortable in their bodies then we wouldn’t have everyone following stupid ass diet plans and bashing dietitians and sports nutritionists in favor of crappy naturopathic doctors who send you on some gluten free, dairy free, whatever else free crap to lose weight. If you actually PREPARE your foods from scratch then you won’t have an obesity problem because you’re not shoveling processed crap down your throat.

    And then there’s the “I don’t have time to exercise and eat healthy.” I call bullshit on that too. I work AND go to school OVER FULL TIME while maintaining a relationship, friends, and exercise 5-6 days a week. Just because exercise and cooking cut into your TV time doesn’t mean you don’t have the time. Get outside and off your ass for once and quit making excuses.

  • Mikky Lachae

    I like this.