98% is Pretty Cool for a Housewife in Bunny Slippers

Isn’t it?

I brought my site from one server to another by myself (thanks to Wendy) in spite of warnings from others to not attempt it.

I lost a few comments (a hundred or so?) and there are a few wonks and snorts that don’t quite work, but guess what? This is mine. It’s my space and when I did the migration myself, not only did I save $150 an hour, but I learned a lot and added a few little bits and pieces that no one else would have cared about.

So yeah, I figure I got about 98% of the content… but that’s still an A, right?

Now check this out, Nielsen thinks I’m a Power Mom.
I think Nielsen just got sexy.

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  1. I’d definitely give you an A, or course you could have asked for help. I keep my own IT department (my husband) around and I constantly volunteer him for help. So far he hasn’t refused my requests to help others.

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  2. Nicely done, when I moved all of my stuff from Blogger to WordPress I lost all of the old comments but none of the posts. Actually I have the comments in a spreadsheet for future reference since I proposed to my wife in the comments.

  3. Awesome job! Congrats on moving. Moving from Blogger to WordPress is something I have to do and even going to convert my primary site to wordpress soon just for the SEO factors :)

    Looks good and it flows. Congrats!


  4. I’ve missed reading you regularly–too much going on here with basketball… Jane and Alexander might like to stop by the blog to see the baby guinea pig that was born last week…

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