Biggest Loser: Win Finale Tickets Here

Who says blogging doesn’t get you great opportunities? Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a little time with Michelle Aguilar. Michelle won season 6 of The Biggest Loser and is the most recent celebrity to get a Milk Mustache.

Win Tickets to The Biggest Loser Season Finale

I only had a few moments to ask Michelle questions. Most of the answers were predictable, she reminded me to shop at the perimeter of the grocery store, skip the sodas, candy bars and chips, move your body and start young.

Here’s what fascinated me about Michelle. Michelle graduated high school in just three years and then moved into a fast paced career. She’s no slacker (trust me, I can sniff one out), Michelle was moving too fast. Part of her weight loss was tied to slowing down. Real food takes time, you can’t eat on the run and you have to plan your meals. She said that her “fast paced world was doing damage” and that it was “Great to slow down”.

I asked Michelle what it was like to win The Biggest Loser and I lost her for a moment. I could hear her tone change and she was clearly remembering a great moment in her life. She said that she kept reminding herself to slow down, to take it all in and to enjoy every moment.

I wouldn’t be true to y’all if I didn’t try to goad her into making a comment regarding the fat acceptance movement. Michelle deftly sidestepped the issue and said only that “healthier is wholer”. I agree, and kudos to you, Michelle for your grace under fire.

I’ve never been morbidly obese, but I did gain a tremendous amount of weight with each pregnancy. I didn’t like the way I looked, but I really hated the way I felt.

When I mention The Biggest Loser on Twitter I get responses like this.


As someone who cares deeply about food and exercise, this is music to my ears.

Now, I’m going to make your dream come true.

Milk will be sending one reader and a guest to The Biggest Loser Season 7 Finale on May 12th. The finale is in Los Angeles, and transportation is not provided.

You can enter up to three times.

1. Leave a comment here and be sure to include your email (no one sees it but me)
2. Post this on Twitter “@JessicaGottlieb is giving away two tickets to The Biggest Loser Finale May 12th.” leave a separate comment with a link please.
3. Change your facebook status to, “is entering to win Tickets to The Biggest Loser Finale at” again, leave a comment with a link.

Comments will close at noon pacific time on April 29th. I’ll take all the entries, put them in a list and call my Mom. Mom will pick a number and I’ll send you to the finale.

Okay? Now Start!

Updated 4/23:
In light of today’s Wall Street Journal article, I’d like to let you know that this is NOT a sponsored post. Any and all sponsored posts will be identified as such.

Facebook Comments

  • I love this show! I call it “Biggest Tears” because I cry at each episode. Would love to see the finale.

    — LTV Mom

    (Also posted on Twitter and Facebook!)

  • Each season I watch the show. I hope you Mom picks me.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  • OMG – this is MY. FAVORITE. SHOW. EVER!!!!!!

  • Very cool! We watch every season and our fave eps are the makeovers and finales (so powerful!). Would be over the moon to be there in person.

    Posted on FB :-)

  • Ooooh – just posted to Twitter too!

  • I watch Biggest Loser every week and would absolutely love to go to the finale!!! I think this show is a true gem that shows people everywhere that they can do something to change their lives if they don’t like how things are going at the moment. It really drives home one of my core beliefs in life which is that if you are willing to work hard enough anything is possible.

  • I also posted on facebook and twitter.

  • Laila

    Ok so how do we do this? And what link do you need?

    • Laila, that’s it, you’re entered, if you “tweet” it, send me a link to the actual tweet.

  • Hey Jessica! I would Loooooove to go! Please please please please!

  • I just twittered for you here,

  • Misty Sutton

    What a great contest!! Tweeting & FB’ing as we speak.

  • Misty Sutton
  • corocks2

    Would love to see Biggest loser finale live!

  • corocks2
  • Terry

    I just posted here
    would love to see the finale!

  • Stephanie Turner

    Thanks for giving us this chance. I would love to see the contestants. I will post on facebook, myspace and sign up for twitter! THANKS :)

  • Stephanie Turner
  • Stephanie Turner

    Latest: “@JessicaGottlieb is giving away two tickets to The Biggest Loser Finale May 12th.”3 minutes ago i cant fiqure out how to link it but i followed you on twitter too! When i get networking savy i will repost on here. LOL :)

  • Stephanie Turner THat didnt take me long! Im a fast learner! LOL

  • Jen

    I would love to win tickets for a surprise for my sister. She lives for this show and would be over the moon to see it live!

  • Karen L

    Would love to go to the finale

  • Karen L

    Here is my twitter link:

  • I watched this show religiously with my daughter. I have watched it every season since the beginning and find it to be such an inspiration to myself and so many. Also, I have learned so much about the foods I eat and what is and is not good for me, often surprised at what falls into the “not good for me” category. I cannot tell you how much it would mean to me to be able to see this show. I literally never put my name in the hat for anything but I just couldn’t NOT do it this time.

    Off to twitter now

  • Jess Gottlieb is givin away 2 tickets 2 “biggest loser finale” http://www.jessicagottlieb….’

    posted on Twitter. Now off to FB

  • This show has been a huge inspiration to one of my clients who has lost about 50 pounds and is looking to lose another 60-70!! She would LOVE to go to this with me!

  • Kim Mordoh

    I would love to go to the finale. My husband and I are hooked!

  • Robin Felton

    I am always inspired by the work that these folks do to get healthy. After all it is about good health and a long live with the people you love. I would LOVE to celebrate with them at the conclusion.

  • Beth Mellick

    LOVE this show! What an inspiration! Would love to win tickets!

  • Lisa Tsimanis

    I would love to see the Biggest Loser Finale!

  • Jenna

    Woo hoo! Love BL! And thanks for posting the WSJ article too. Interesting stuff.

  • Jaclyn Mandel

    I loved this article and I love The Biggest Loser! I watch every week. It’s amazing to see how much hard work and dedication these people have. I hope I can go to the finale!

  • sb122000

    Our first season watching the show. Inspirational for my 8 year old daughter and myself. Would love to be able to take her to the finale. Thanks!

  • Michelle

    I get my greatest workout of the week watching the show on the elliptical. The Biggest Loser is the best show on TV! It is a dream to go to the finale.

  • My hubby and I LOVE this show. We cry at every finale. Please pick our name!!! :)

  • Amy

    Love this show! Watch it and get inspired each and every week. So proud of everyone!

  • Misty Sutton

    entry 2!

  • Misty Sutton
  • I love watching this show while eating CAKE and feeling very guilty about it! PICK ME MOM!

  • Oh I’m posting on Facebook too! Not sure how that counts as another entry….and I’m not a twitterer!

  • I have been a Personal Trainer for almost 10 years and I love the show. My favorite part is when the trainers show the contestants that they can do things that they never thought they could. That is when they start living their life instead of watching it go by. I find it very inspiring. We all under estimate ourselves so it is nice to see others go out of their comfort zone and succeed. I would be honored to be chosen to attend the season finale.

  • Cindy Goodman

    My kids and I (Jason 10 and Sam 7 1/2) watch the show religiously and it has inspired us all to exercise regularly. I walk/run on the treadmill while watching and now on the weekend we walk the big hill by our house. I am a petite person, but needed to tone up and have now lost 6 lbs. I would give my right arm to go to the finale. Maybe I’d lose the last 4 lbs. if I gave my right arm!


  • Carin Koeppel

    I love, love The Biggest Loser! I lost 20+ pounds 3 years ago and watching the show inspires me to keep the weight off and work out regularly. My husband and I watch together so going to the finale would be a fantastic date night for us!

  • Jenny

    Yes! I, much like all these other fabulous people, am a big fan of the Biggest Loser and would love to go to the finale! If anything to sing along to the theme song and catch those finalists in the flesh. Pick me mom. Pick me!

  • It was my husband who hooked me on this show…yes…yes it was HIM.

    The man a full fledged hunk of a cop who never sheds a tear on a normal day, will turn his head to hide the welling of tears in his eyes when someone on this show realizes they CAN do it…they can make a difference in their own body and well-being. He, a 9/11 officer…thinks these people are the heroes of life. And that makes him amazing to me.

    I’d watch the show a million times to watch him be inspired…and moved by people doing something about their lives in this way.

    Pick us or not…I just think its a wonderful show and I am thrilled that so many people embrace it like this!

  • And I’m commenting because the biggest loser is what actually inspired me to get off my ass and do something.

  • Chris

    That would be great to see the season FINALE!

  • Chris
  • Alyse

    I love the biggest loser! Not only is it an awesome show but it was the one thing to really motivate me to start losing weight. I have always wanted to go to the final show with by best friend who has also been losing weight with me. It would be such an awesome inspiration to me and her to know that you can be young and overweight like us and still lose weight – people have done it!!!!

  • Karen Greenberg

    I love the biggest loser because I have never had a weight problem and I am fascinated as to how difficult it is for people to lose weight and keep it off.
    I think it is so awesome that exercise is the main focus of the show and I hope that Americans wake up and understand that fad diets and quick fixes aren’t the answer to our obesity dilemma!
    Pick me to go and I will cheer the loudest!!
    Karen G. :%}

  • You can add me to the list of people who love TBL. It was my inspiration for the 65 lbs I lost and it’s what keeps me inspired to keep going. I always miss it during the summer. :(

  • Oh yay tomorrow is the deadline! I am soo super excited, even if i dont get to meet them, they have accomplished great things. I try to give my girls a challenge every week. I quit smoking thanks to Helen. I saw what she accomplished and I recently lost my step father at the age of 47 to small cell lung cancer. I never wanted to gain weight while quitting smoking and thanks to the encouragement of the losers i have quit smo0king and am still losing the weight! only two more weeks left till finale time! GO TEAM TARA!!!

  • @jessicagottlieb is giving away biggest loser finale tickets!But remember im winning so i can go thank BL for my loss of 49pounds! LOL1 day ago@jessicagottlieb is giving away biggest loser finale tickets!But remember im winning so i can go thank BL for my loss of 49pounds! LOL

  • Lisa

    My husband and I are completely addicted to this show. We Tivo it just so we don’t miss any episodes. I would love to go to the finale! And I guess I would take him if I win the tickets.

  • Lisa
  • Becky Stevens

    I love this show and it would be amazing if I won tickets.

  • Becky Stevens

  • I actually was hoping to be a contestant with a fellow blogger but we didn’t make it…..we both would have made great contestants and an awesome blogger buddy pair!



  • Stephanie Wighton

    Simply put, this show has changed my life and it would be a dream come true to get a chance to see the finale, especially of my favorite season.

  • @phunmum on twitter LOVE TBL

  • @phunmum

    facebook and myspace too!

  • @phunmum

    im pulling for srav44 too! good job on the no smoking!

  • Great contest, wanted to do it so my mom (who was inspired to start losing weight and has lost 15+ lbs) could go.

    Again, very cool content!

  • My husband has now got ‘hooked’ watching The Biggest Loser! I have 45 lbs. been trying to get rid of for a few years now, with no success. It would be GREAT for the two of us being at the Finale, get up close and personal with everyone! This was the greatest season ever.

  • This is my post at Facebook!

    Oh, praying your Mom picks me *smile*

  • I wonder what I’m doing wrong that my Twitter & Facebook postings are not showing. Figures!

  • Although your brief time with Michelle got you a lot of the usual stuff I would expect, the chord that struck with me was to slow down. Being fast is not always good, or right. Thanks for sharing Jessica. BTW, posted on twitter and facebook, so enter me dammit. :) xoxo


    blogtalkradio@JessicaGottlieb is giving away two tickets to The Biggest Loser Finale May 12th

  • FAcebook status changed, LUV THE BL

    Myspace status changed! Thanks

  • rules! we got ten minutes whooo hoooo

  • This has been a very interesting season thus far with some interesting transitions and really driving home the emotional barriers it takes someone to START something, not just achieve something.

    My husband is 400+ lbs and this particular focus for the season has been especially challenging and motivating him to start his own journey. Last night, he started his blog for the journey and we will see what happens from there! Hopefully, it will change his life too!

    I posted to Twitter and Facebook! :) Thanks for putting this together, what a great opportunity for someone!

  • I just feel like a bum if I’m watching Biggest Loser and not moving! It makes me get up and at least walk in place!

  • This closes the comments and entries.

    I’m calling my mom and asking her to pick a number.

  • Im a big fan, & as someone who has lost over 100lbs. through diet, & exercise, I can also say I am a biggest loser;)

  • Alyse

    So who won?

  • Can’t wait for the finale! WHO WON?

    Signed, Jealous in Silicon Valley

  • gabrielle

    Jessicaaaaaa im fifteen years old and i live with my mom. i’ve been watching biggest loser since i was like 8 lol. The season finale is gonna be airing on the month of my birthdayyy!. January 27th is the actual date lol. And if you can get me two tickets it would be the most amazingggggggggggggggg birthday present in the whole wide world lol =) . and my mom and i live in new york so we would litterly have to fly to cali just for the show. so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  • Dana

    I never win these things so I don’t expect to start now :P but do you know where I could go to find other tickets to the finale? It was be so amazing to go there! Thanks!

  • Jessica Peterson

    I hope I’m the # mom picks!!! C’mon mom! I’m a mom of 4…3 of which we adopted as a sibling group:) I could use a break and my dream is to go to the finale!!!!

  • Karla

    Biggest loser is about the only show I follow. I love it so much. I hope your mom picks me.

  • Karla

    Absolutely love the biggest loser!!! Never miss it. Actually got upset when the olympics took over Tues nights for a couple weeks. I hope your mom picks me.

  • To be at the finale would be an awe inspiring moment. I need that jumpstart… I need that kick again to push me to my next 100 pounds.

  • sheree calder

    wow to go to the biggest loser finale would be a dream come true. it would be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. i would be the happiest person in the world. oh my it can happen if only you wish upon a star lol i would really love it .