I’m driving to Jane’s school in the evening so she can practice baseketball and Alexander and I have brought computers with us so we can work and do homework.

JANE: During spring break they reset the firewall at school and now I can’t get to any of the sites that I need.

ME: Oh no, that’s terrible. Will I be able to get to my site?


ME: How do you know?

JANE: I’m sure they blocked it.

ME: That’s probably good but how do you know? You don’t read my site.

JANE: No. I don’t.

ME: Then how do you know it’s blocked?

JANE: Because it probably has too much cursing.

ME: I don’t know that I curse that much on my site.

JANE AND ALEXANDER: We think you do.

ME: But you guys said you don’t read my site?

ALEXANDER: You’re our Mom. We think we know what you’re saying over there.

JANE: Yeah, we’re making educated guesses.


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