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John McCain Speech: Republican National Convention

He distanced himself nicely from W

Too much war talk for me

Lower taxes, greater personal responsibility, who can argue that?

I just kinda don’t like him. The problem is that I really really don’t like Obama.

Now I’ve got to pick which criminal belongs in office.

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  1. I’m decided.


    But you know, John McCain distanced himself from not only GWB, but also the Republican party for most of his recent (read past decade) tenure in Washington. I remember stirrings of a Hillary Clinton/McCain ticket some time ago and how it would be a can’t lose one.

    It’s only because he’s running against the second coming that there is so much vitriol being spewed out about him now from the other side. He used top be the Democrats’ favorite Republican…

  2. Jessica, I read a comment you made on LI, and decided to write to you about your writing talent. Hopefully you will want to stay in touch.

    Regarding Obama, as a Black man, I must tell you that I detest him. First, he completely ignores that he is half-White. Now most people don’t realize this, but it is completely political, and honestly partly racist! I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true. Obama wants to be known as the “articulate polished BLACK man”, because the same as a White man, doesn’t carry the pinache. It’s strange to say, but Obama is doing what we can “passing”. Except that many light-skinned Blacks of the past, passed as White for expediency.

    Ignoring my ‘theory’, there are many other reasons not to like Obama. He is quick to point out all the ‘statistics’ of what is wrong, but short on answers to fix things, most recently pointing out that average family incomes went up $7500 during Clinton, and dropped $2000 during Bush. But offering no tangible ideas about (a) how he will raise family incomes (save taxing the productive into oblivion), and (b) how much he will raise the average family income. Instead he stirs the pot.

    This is exactly what he did in the state senate of IL, and in the US Senate. He sponsored literally thousands of pieces of legislation, and accomplished essentially nothing. It was evident that he cared only about “pomp and circumstance”, only for political gain.

    Asked by O’Reilly recently if he felt the surge worked, he said that it worked beyond anyone’s comprehension. Asked if he was wrong about not supporting the surge, he would not admit being wrong. After saying that it worked “…beyond belief”, he could NOT admit being wrong. I have a problem with people like that personally.

    He sold out his grandmother, as America recognizes her as a racist, afraid of Black men. He sold out his pastor, rightfully so, however after saying that he wouldn’t. Political expediency is his agenda.

    I hope that the selection of Sarah Palin will persuade you and your friend “Binary Blonde” to vote Republican. I make this bet with every Liberal Democrat that I meet: If you can name ONE thing where the Black community has been helped by voting 94% Democrat over the past 5 decades (pre-1950 it was opposite, as we voted 94% Republican), I will pay your mortgage for each issue. Here are few areas to consider: HS graduation rates, teenage pregnancies, Blacks in prison, nuclear families, drug abuse, unwed mothers, generational welfare, Black businesses, Black-on-Black crime, crime in Black communities.

    Aside from freeing Blacks, the Republican party sponsored the Civil Rights Act of 1960 (Barry Goldwater), and have consistently attempted to get Blacks to go from handouts to handups.

    Don’t be fooled by the “empty suit” of Obama, and the ticket of Obama-Bin-Biden. Obama does not have the love of America that McCain or Palin has. He wants to be a “World Leader”, and does not have America’s best interests in mind. I bet you have a beautiful family, but I will take care of mine first. America should not apologize for that type of leadership, and since we give 10X more to the world than all other countries combined, we have nothing to be ashamed of. Not to say that we are perfect.

    I hope you will allow me to keep in touch, and on more humorous topics. I have some good ideas, and no outlets! :-)


    Kevin Jackson

  3. All I can say, is read my upcoming post on the LA Moms Blog, Jessica. I have a feeling some shite’s gonna hit the fan. (It’s RTP, so it’ll be up tomorrow or next day).

    your favorite fucking communist.

  4. I have to say that every day my give a shit level drops a little lower.

    I find it remarkable that women who blog about naming their babies in their first trimester are so wound up in the “righteousness” of “women’s health”.

    Cuz, ya’ know if it’s a baby boy you’re aborting it’s also men’s health.

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