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Mommy Blogging and Social Media: Stumble Upon This!

I have the incredible privilege of contributing at the LA Moms Blog. Trust me, I know that there are other cooperative blog groups for women. Some of which would more accurately portray my positions (Republicans who aren’t WASPs but do drink before noon). For now I’ll have to hang out with a group of women who are ridiculously accomplished both in their homes and in their communities.

Every so often I ask The Mommies for a Stumble.

Cuz seriously folks, I’m writing some good crap stuff here. I’m giving away silk shirts and standing on my soccer soapbox, and throwing the entire Palin clan under the bus. Yeah, I’m a giver.

So, who cares what I’ve written? My husband? Maybe my mother and certainly my brother, but only because he’s laughing at me for loving Microfiber.

Lots of people care about what I’ve written, but the real secret is that those people don’t love every post. People need to be directed to the posts and that’s what Stumble Upon is good for.

If you go to my Stumble page today you’ll find these links:

Froggys Arts and Crafts
The 3 Rs: Reading, Riting, and Randomness: In my opinion:…
A bit of a rant & Mommy on the Floor
Binary Blonde & Melamine found in Milk Powder: One Confirmed Death
Melamine found in Milk Powder: Infants get Kidney Stones One…
Verizon ETF Settlement

If you’re like me you’re looking for things to do with your children in Los Angeles, you think Florinda is a brilliant writer, you worry about food safety, Mommy on the Floor is your favorite lesbian law student and you might want your $175 back from Verizon.

As I click my way through hundreds of mediocre blog sites I share with you the dozen or so that are worth reading. We find each other on Stumble Upon and I benefit from your stumbles too.

Two quick tips for new stumblers

1. If you only stumble your own posts no one will see you as much of a resource.  Be broad, stumble what you enjoy and be generous with it.

2. Browse the web with Mozilla Firefox and install the Stumble Upon add on. I can’t give you all the hows and whys but we have 4 PCs and two macs with four different operating systems in this house. All work with Firefox seamlessly. (yes, I know we have too much crap).

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0 thoughts on “Mommy Blogging and Social Media: Stumble Upon This!”

  1. First off, thanks for Stumbling that post of mine!

    I have installed the StumbleUpon toolbar on both my work (PC) and home (Mac) computers. Thanks in large part to your encouragement, I’m using it a lot more lately. In fact, I plan to Stumble this post after I leave this comment!

  2. I don’t Stumble. I’ve got the widgety thing going, but frankly I don’t see the point. The only people I’ve heard talking about Stumble are complaining that no one Stumbles them. It seems to me just another version of Center Hall before First Period and I had enough of that in high school. So tell me, why do you like Stumble?

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