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Overheard at Dinner

The CFO: Oh, tell the bakers about your blogs

The Bakers: [in unison] Oh, what do you blog about.

Me: Anything, everything, maybe you if you’re interesting.

Now everyone giggles and watches what they say. Fucking alarmists.

And then Husband Baker tried to bring me back into the fold. Because, apparently I’m such a bad Jew that these days the other Jews notice.

Grr… I’ll trade them one Shabbat for a molten lava chocolate cake.

0 thoughts on “Overheard at Dinner”

  1. Um, who are the Bakers? At first I thought you meant bakers– like the poppin’ fresh dough boy (LOVE those crescent rolls) or the guys who churn out a mean challah, and I was wondering what the hell bakers had to do with anything. Then, duh, I realized it was a surname.

    And finally–dinner with WHAT CFO?–You lost me. Must be all the sugar I ate over the weekend. I haven’t yet come out of the fog. . .

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