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Overheard: In my Sexy Voice

4pm Thursday Afternoon I call my husband’s office.

ME: Hi, can I speak to him?

ASSISTANT: Uh, I think he’s in a meeting.

ME: It’s okay, I’ll be quick and I just need his input for something time sensitive.

Hold music for a moment….

HIM: Hi honey. Is it important? [I can hear that I’m on speakerphone]

ME: Uh, yeah, if you could just pick up the phone for a minute, it’s sort of personal.

[I can hear him pick up the reciever]

ME: I can make you regular chocolate chip cookies tonight or I can can make chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips, but I need you to make a decision.

And then the phone line went dead. Completely and utterly dead. I looked out the window and I didn’t see any power lines out.

Sometimes it’s all very confusing.

8 thoughts on “Overheard: In my Sexy Voice”

  1. Like my wife would ever call me with stuff like that…. if she did, she would have gotten what you got.

    Addendum: The reality is that when either of us are busy and we see eachothers number come up, we just don’t answer.

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