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Quick Election Update

I voted against my own best interests.

I am going to beg the Republican Party to get their shit together and give us a viable candidate in 4 years.


6 thoughts on “Quick Election Update”

  1. Me too. I can’t believe it, but I voted for Obama too. It won’t benefit us in anyway. Two candidates I couldn’t agree with on enough issues to make me comfortable and excited to vote for either of them. I simply picked the one who sucked less again, with an added few points against McCain for a VP with a baby with down syndrome who needs his mommy way more than we do. I also voted against prop 8. I am not speaking to my sister because of our fight about it last night. She’s a hypocrite and I care too much about the issue to keep silent. I leave in 2 days for Thailand. Oh, and I’m totally bummed that I wasn’t invited to join the reader list of your other blog.

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