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Symbiosis: Why Marriage Works

Symbiosis is when two different organisms live together in the same environment and each needs the other. Some relationships facilitate one another, other relationships obligate.

Ours does both.

At 38 I’ve noticed that it’s time to wax the lip. My darling husband, on the flip side, can’t see a thing. He squints at me and says, “What hair?” I give him an weird are you blind look, he says, “buy me some reading glasses”. I say I will, but never do.

Symbiosis, he’s blind, I’m hairy, we’re in love.

6 thoughts on “Symbiosis: Why Marriage Works”

  1. i love both the simplicity and the sentiment

    but honestly jessica, we know you will wax for sadly the whole world is not blind. most importantly you are not.

  2. Heh. My husband likes to tell me I’m the blind one (which is nearly true, for the record – I am an eye doctor’s marvel, in that it’s a marvel that they can come up with a prescription for me) – blind and not too bright, at that. My standard response to that is “Lucky for you.” He agrees.

    It’s great when it works :-).

  3. I like it.

    I think one of the main reasons my marriage works is become we have complimentary flaws. He’s has a bit of a temper and I’m more prone to being moody. If both had the same flaw the chance of us both being unreasonable at the same time would be a lot higher (which would be pretty dangerous).

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