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Blogging Badly

2059016If you haven’t read Chris Brogan’s post about doing it wrong then go on over there now and have a read. I’ll wait.

*tapping foot impatiently*

Good, I’m glad you’re back.

Can I tell you the only thing you can do wrong with Social Media? It’s to be unsociable. Last night I was at a Girls in Tech event, and I was surrounded by brilliant, inspired, strong and beautiful women (and Wm Marc). What was really interesting is that at the same time that we were talking blogs, PR and script (no, not the one that you’re trying to sell to the studios, the one that runs a website), there were some very young, very sedctive women being led into the back room for a casting session.

They (the casting girls) had amazing bodies and looked terribly uncomfortable walking through a room of 150 women.

I poked my head in the room and asked what the casting was for. It’s an Adidas sponsored party for the Superbowl.

Then I sorta felt sorry for the girls.

You see, they’re a few years from knowing that the women they scuttled past could have done more for their career than any of the men in the back room. Are you a short model? A quirky one? Maybe you have a scar? There were 150 women who all use images online, we buy them from photographers. There was an entrepreneur in the room that is the one to watch, and SVPs of OhMyGoodness having a gin and tonic.

But when you’re busy dressing for the boys, and buying into the myth that we’re in competition, you miss the connections.

And that would be blogging badly.

9 thoughts on “Blogging Badly”

  1. I definitely agree. I hate following people who never reply to me– I’m a bit shy, but I suppose some part of me loves to socialize. I waste a LOT of time doing that though, and I haven’t seemed to get anywhere.. 8);;;

    Ah well. Great post. I suppose you work with what ‘god’ gave ya :3

  2. Awww. That event sounds like it was fun!

    But hey — I know that whatever you learned, you’ll share with your girlfriends. Because that’s the way you are. :)

  3. Sorethumb, I am terrible at replying because I am shy myself and until someone comments more than once and we establish a back and forth via our comments or blogs – I feel like I am talking to the thin air, which is kinda what I am doing now because I don’t know if you will ever come back and read this.

    And then there is life. I get sick or the kid does or someone dies and I am away from the computer for days and the comments are days older than that by the time I see them again. Overwhelming.

    I like connecting through blogs and FB with other writers. It just takes me (as a blogger and a commenter) time to warm up the same as it takes a reader to steel up nerve to comment.

  4. Great post. So glad to hear that there isn’t a right way to do things. I started reading Chris Brogan’s post, gearing myself up to be told I was doing everything wrong.

    By the way, I’m so excited that you volunteered to share some of your expertise on Stumble Upon and other SM tools to the SVMB folks. I can’t wait.

  5. Ah, now that gave me a lift. I suppose it depends on what you hope to gain from your readers, or whether your purpose is simply to be read. Perhaps there are different rules for different types of blogs/audiences? Thanks for sharing Brogan’s post. More importantly, thanks for putting yourself out here. You’re funny!

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