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Please Don’t Call Her A Skinny Bitch: Cuz I’m a Stripper

We have a little problem. My fellow LA Mom Blogger April has referred to Ann Coulter as a “Skinny Bitch“.  April was completely unaware of her gaffe. It is my life’s dream (as an LA Housewife) to be called a Skinny Bitch. So can we not waste the term on someone so irrelevant?

Here’s a snippet of the offending interview on Hannity and Colmes:

COLMES: Now, you talk about “Single motherhood is like a farm team for future criminals and…”


COLMES: “… social outcasts.”


COLMES: So you’re putting down single mothers. “We have a term for youngsters involved in children of divorces, or as I call them, future strippers.” How sensitive of you.

COULTER: Yes, it’s very sensitive. Well, and it’s something that needs to be said. What I’m saying is there is no better example of victimizers who are treated like victims, and single mothers. This was not an accident that the illegitimacy rate has gone up 300 percent since 1970. This was a plan by liberals. Liberals claim…

COLMES: Wait, wait. Liberals want the rates to go up?

COULTER: They hate marriage. Yes.

COLMES: Liberals hate marriage. Wait a minute. Let me just take my ring off, OK?

COULTER: Yes. Well, there are laws. There are court rulings, and marriage has been under attack for 30 years. This is a plan. I have quotes in the book from liberals in the mainstream media. Movies promoting illegitimacy.


COULTER: You have the Supreme Court saying…

COLMES: Ann, you said…

COULTER: … that — that a good-for-nothing biological father can bust up an adoption. And by the way, adopted children, curiously enough, do better than non-adopted children. But they’re not given up for adoption.

COLMES: If you loved marriage, you’d be married by now, wouldn’t you?

COULTER: What we know is that children, no, you get married before having children is the point.

COLMES: Oh, you only get married to reproduce.

COULTER: Seventy percent of the inmates in prisons right now come from single-parent families. Seventy percent of teenage runaways. Seventy percent of teenage delinquents, 70 percent of drug abuse. All of this is a problem, not just of illegitimacy, of single motherhood. And single motherhood is…

COLMES: You’re making a statement. I have a very short time.

COULTER: I’m describing what the challenge (ph) is…

COLMES: You go after single motherhood, and then you go after Barack Obama and Halle Berry and Alicia Keys and what you call “matinee idol Barack Obama”…

COULTER: Matinee idol.

COLMES: … for dissing their fathers and having their mothers raise them.

COULTER: No, dissing their mothers who raised them while…

COLMES: Well, insulting the women who struggled to raise them.


COLMES: When you insult single mothers by saying they’re strippers and…

COULTER: I don’t insult single mothers.

COLMES: … they’re — it’s a recipe to create criminals. You’re insulting them.

COULTER: It is a recipe — no, it is a recipe to create criminals, strippers, rapists, murderers…

COLMES: So you’re insulting them.

COULTER: No, I am insulting single motherhood, which is avidly promoted by the left.

COLMES: So that’s what you are accusing Barack of doing.

COULTER: No, those are different chapters and completely different points. You are conflating two things that have nothing to do with each other.

The point is, in — on the Alicia Keys and Barack Obama, it is that all of these children of a black father who abandoned them and a white mother who raised them, they all identify with the ethnicity of their black fathers to establish victimhood and status in America.

COLMES: Are you accusing them of insulting…

COULTER: Because that is how you get ahead in America, by being a victim.

COLMES: And you accuse them of insulting the women who struggled to raise them. Yet, you have insulted them by calling them strippers.

COULTER: No, I didn’t call the mothers strippers.

HANNITY: Oh, my goodness.

COULTER: I said that this is a recipe for creating…

COLMES: Oh, their kids are strippers. OK.

COULTER: Yes. They will be, and that is a fact. You liberals pretend you care about facts.

My husband and I come from single parent households. My husband and I are committed to marriage if only for the sake of marriage. My husband and I both recognize and acknowledge that life is a little more difficult when you don’t have two parents in one home.

But I’m not a stripper.
And he’s not a criminal.
I’m not even a liberal (although he is).

I do have to take this time to separate myself from Ann Coulter. Why? Because I worry that the world sees her as representative of Conservative Women everywhere.

Let me get real clear.
It is ideal to get married before you have children.
It is ideal to stay happily married.
It is ideal to permit everyone the chance to wed.
It is ideal to hit mute when you see this on TV.


Because listening to venom and vitriol is just silly.

Real life often falls short of our ideals and if you’ve ever met a single mother, I assure you, she works harder than anyone could ever imagine.

Miss Coulter loves statistics because they seem so serve her so well. In reality, statistics are easily skewed to support her purpose. Single parenthood isn’t the root of the problem, it may or may not even be a symptom. The issue is education. When I travel outside of my zone and hear people quoting her and some of the other uglies on TV, I’m terrified for us all.

Ann Coulter is not a conservative voice.
Ann Coulter is simply an angry voice, a single lonely woman who would talk only to her 53 cats if everyone hit mute.

Do little girls make better choices in men when they have good fathers? Absolutely.
Are little girls condemned to a life of stripping if they don’t have a father in the picture?
According to Ann Coulter, yes. That single statement ought to strip her of credibility, and render her voice noise in a vacuum. Our votes may overlap here and there, but please, that woman isn’t representative of much

What, then made Miss Coulter? Was it a mother who hated her? Perhaps the girls in High School shunned her? No Granny for Annie?

What’s the psychology of a woman who hates other women? What perfect storm of intellect, lonliness and hatred created a self loathing mysoginist with ovaries?

38 thoughts on “Please Don’t Call Her A Skinny Bitch: Cuz I’m a Stripper”

  1. Whether or not you listen to Ann Coulter specifically on any one issue does not belie the fact that the statistics she quotes are correct. She herself should NOT be rendered moot, simply because you’re one of the 3 out of 10 that didn’t become a stripper, or whatever….

  2. OMG I HATE ANN COULTER!! I saw her on the Today show and she is so offensive. This is coming from a person that is neither a liberal nor am I offended easily. She just sucks.

  3. What made Ann Coulter has nothing to do with her parentage. What made her is the publishing industry and so-called “news” media’s willingness to promote her as a “controversial conservative pundit” when she is actually just a hateful know-nothing. She drives up the ratings for the same reason that gruesome car accidents gum up the traffic on the other side of the highway. Nobody really wants to look, but collectively, we can’t help ourselves.

    As a lefty liberal (and the product parents married for 40 years, so there goes that theory…although it is true that I am not a stripper), I can assure you that I don’t think of Ann Coulter as representative of conservative opinion. She is representative of the desperate things publishers and television execs will do for money, and that is all.

  4. Jessica, you are a skinny bitch. And I love you.

    And I think Colmes had a good point. Why isn’t she married? If she really believed what she said, wouldn’t she be married and having kids. Why does she have a career?

  5. I, for one, don’t see Ann Coulter as a representative of conservative women. And I’m a bleeding heart liberal pinko commie bastard! I see Ann Coulter as nothing more than a cartoon character. The female Michael Savage. She may believe a portion of what she’s saying, but she’s, in all actuality, putting on a show for the public. Let’s face it, anyone who was actually as crazy as her would have been locked up years ago. She sells books and gets ratings because she’s cartoonish. Frankly, good on her. She’s found a niche and she’s making money off a select group of people who actually believe her garbage.

  6. Ann Coulter is one of the most inane pundits that are around today. It still amazes me that anyone pays attention to her at all…but that’s the nature of media today where anyone with an opinion and a mouth can find an audience. Coulter, in my mind, is not credible, is too loose with the facts that she uses, and provides no logic to her arguments. In my mind, she represents a vein of conservative politics that is focused solely on xenophobia, anger, and hatred against anything that does not match their perspective.

  7. Where does she get her stats from? Doesn’t even make sense that they would all be exactly 70%… 70% of Gingivitis is caused by single mothers!!!

  8. As a retired stripper, from a married family, and as a happily married woman who had a child before marriage, can someone, please FUCKING BREAK HER KNEECAPS?!

  9. I wish you were the typical conservative woman. Can’t tell you how important it is that you are setting the record straight. Unfortunately, many people do think she speaks for the conservative women of America.

  10. You missed her point completely. It is not motherhood, it is single motherhood. It is a fact that the left does not like traditional marriage. She does not hate women, only women who choose to have children without the commitment of marriage, thus a father figure in the family.
    the one you ought to be slamming is Alan Colmes. He is the one that does not get it – and it seems that you don’t either.

  11. Ann Coulter is in love with the sound of her own voice and is one of those people who loves to be hated — something about negative attention, I think. Muting sounds like an excellent option.

  12. Really, you guys should do some math. I think she said 70% of the inmates, strippers…whatever are products of single parent homes. That doesn’t equate to 70% of broken homes producing the inmates, strippers, what have you. If 2% of the population fits into the category of stripper, inmate, rapist..etc and 70% of those are from broken homes that means 1.4% of the population fits what Ms. Coulter says. I’m certainly not defending her but I think you guys should mull over the actual figures before flying off the handle. 70% of 2% is still a pretty compelling statistic considering only about 10% of families are single parent (ref: US Census).

  13. I am 18 years old, and my father left the hosue when i was 3 and my brother was 10. He is currently doing his Ph.D. in lingusitics at the University of Maryland and i am in my first year of pursuing a B.Sc. in linguistics and psychology at University of Toronto. I hope to either become a speech-language pathologist or go on in linguistic field study or neurolinguistics.

    Someone should make a website or called “I’m not a stripper” or something like that. A list of people from “broken” homes that are doing just fine. I’d gladly be the first to add my name to that list.

  14. I was raised by a single mother and i am far from being a stripper and soon to be happily married.Tell her that and im sure she will pull a random percentage out of her ass that will make me look like the bad guy because i did not become a stripper like she thinks is all that single parent children can become.

    i wonder what person pissed in her crunch berry’s to make her that way…maybe a single parent liberal stripper.

  15. umm…I’m a child of divorced parents. I chose to live with my single mother, despite the obvious hardships compared to living with my father.

    …..Does this somehow make me a stripper? Last I checked, I wanted to be an Animator…=/

  16. Obviously this woman has her head stuck so far up her rump that she cant see REALITY. Its none of her business what other women choose to do with their lives. She really needs to get laid!

  17. I adore Ann Coulter!
    Not for her statistics, and not for her insights, and not for her best-selling books.

    The reason I ADORE Ann Coulter is simply because she plays Puppetmaster to the squirming little brains of the shrieking, hysterical left, pulling a specific string (demonstrating cause and effect) and getting a specific response (hysteria) EVERY TIME!

    It’s really just comical to watch — MUCH better something as depressing as Obama’s (50% white, 50% black, identifies and is identified ONLY as black) inauguration.

  18. This is awesome. I can’t even listen to Ann Coulter, so glad to be able to read the transcript. Thanks for that!

    And as for how did she come to hate women so much — I read a great theory about it — it’s along the lines of the Joseph Campbell Hero mythology for men, describing their path to manhood along archetypal lines. The path for women involves the rejection of the feminine principles in order to be accepted by the male standards, culminating in realizing that doesn’t work and coming back to embrace the feminine. So clearly Ann just hasn’t gotten far enough along in her path, or else she’s just fucked up.

  19. Why is it her words seem soooo much worse written down? Oh My Gosh is all I can say – and my husband comes from a…er I say broken home single Mom raised him – he went to college, we own a home – have two kids – he is in sales – um not what I would call a criminal. Oh gosh she is an angry sad woman – I am hoping we stop listening to her….really – she is sad. What I really wanted to write was YES she is right – my husband is a stripper all because of his single Mom…..but he would not have thought that was funny ;). Great post – thanks for showing everyone what she is really about.

  20. omg. okay, i am going to admit right here and now that i have never seen nor heard ann coulter in action, because i usually just change the channel if her face is on the screen. i know that much about her to want to change the channel. i am absolutely blown away by her stupidity. BLOWN. AWAY. She cannot be serious. Can she? This woman, she is for real? What? I’m just flabbergasted.

  21. Let’s hold the phone a moment…

    Now I feel truely sorry for all of the men and women who had died for their country. Fighting for the freedom and values of America. Now that my fellow countrymen and women have fallen in battle, their children will have no where to turn but to a life of handguns and hooking.

    I wear my uniform with ample pride in my country; the pay sure as hell doesn’t keep me in the service. I completely understand the consequences and responsibilities when I leave to serve overseas. I worry that I may never come home and that my children will be fatherless; but I sure as hell don’t worry about my wife being unable to raise my daughters with the best education and strong moral backbone to conquer thier hopes and dreams.

    “INSERT APPROPRIATE NASTY COMMENT HERE” Coulter, needs to get off her “my little pony” and realize that there are other factors more predominant than single parenthood affecting the crime rate. There are even programs helping bring children of inmates together on holidays and special trips as well as provide parenting classes to those on the inside. And the resulting surveys show that the children are happy and excited to be around their parents.

    Here’s food for thought:

  22. If someone could answer those questions about Ann Coulter I think we’d finally be rid of her. Coulter is exactly the reason that the rest of us — liberal, conservative and in-between — need to talk more about real issues and real lives. Then maybe we’ll get a little of that media attention Coulter gets and we can suck the air out of her attention-grabbing party.

  23. She is absolutely right. When I turned 18, I asked my mom if I could be a stripper. She said “go ask your dad.” Dad said no. Foiled by my married parents. Again!!

  24. You know what they say — there are statistics, damn statistics and lies. Frankly, I’m tired of all the yelling that passes as “news” on both the left and the right. Report the facts, have a reasonable (read quiet) discussion and let us make up our own minds. Screaming at me does nothing but make me switch channels or hit mute.

  25. I said once, and I’ll say again many times:

    “I don’t think Coulter believes anything except that there is a market for bullshit delivered with a smug shovel.”

    People are malleable, and easily manipulated, especially those who are logical and consistent: their responses can be predicted. Coulter’s career is based on knowing what a response is going to be and identifying it, mocking it, and owning it in that way to her audience who then, because the response has already been identified and mocked, don’t have to actually pay attention to the content of the response. When they see it, later, they can dismiss it because they’ve already seen it and someone has “taken care of it”, in a sense. That’s the tactic that will sell books and keep you in the public eye. It’s rhetoric, not argument; manipulation rather than conviction. It’s preying on weak minds, and weakening strong minds, who might otherwise be champions for their point of view, responding to the actual content of opinions from the left, but instead they rest content to let the Sophist stop the conversation before it happens.

  26. Coulter is a hate filled moron who is willing to take the crap thrown right back at her in order to sell books and make millions. Her stuff is so whack I dont even think she believes it. She is a cartoon character just like that fat pig Rush Limbaugh…they are well paid buffoons who do nothing but continually embarrass true conservatives by claiming to be one of them.Wonder what she’d say to all the single moms who supported Palin? What would she say to Bristol?

  27. Women like Ann Coulter is the reason I stuggle everday to go above and beyond the duties of motherhood. women like her are the reason I spend a good amount of my time defending my life choices rather than moving on.

    Amazing post.

    Thank You Jessica.

  28. Bill, I am VERY far left and believe in traditional marriage. In fact I love it. I am married myself. My husband (who is also very liberal) and I are both products of married parents who are still together. We are waiting to have kids until we are ready. Where do you and Coulter get off saying that liberals don’t like traditional marriage? I’m living proof that we do. I know that I’m not alone. What we don’t like, are people saying that everything outside of a traditional marriage is wrong. I believe that people should have the option to have whatever kind of marriage they choose. Also, conservatives have to face facts that many of these single parents are actually conservatives who are pro-life and believe that abortion is wrong. Several of my liberal friends that have gotten accidently knocked up out of wedlock have had the smarts to realize that they cannot efficiently raise a child, and that there are too many children waiting adoption in foster care as is, so they have opted to terminate the pregnancy and end the cycle of single mothers trying to take on more than they can. Coulter doesn’t have a clue.

  29. Colmes is so off the mark. Any English teacher would flunk him for not understanding content. He consistently takes phrases out of context just to keep Coulter on an apparent “edge”. Of course it is in her character to sound overly defensive.

    Being a single parent … father (who knew?!), I think I understand what she is attempting to get at. There are those single parents (fathers or mothers tho there are far more mothers & thus the apparent bias) who have the attitude that the other former partner is absolutely not needed to be in the picture at all. There definitely are situations when that ought to be. BUT, there are situation when the custodial parent has far too much control (control freak?) and is all about removing the other parent completely. THIS is the sort of parent that comes into Coulter’s stereo-type … I think.

  30. Thanks for this great post. I was a single mom for 5 years. During that time I got a college degree Summa Cum Laude from a top private university, took care of my daughter without any child support, built a million dollar business, and met an amazing man whom I am now married to. I worked 60-80 hours a week, don’t do drugs, rarely drink, and my daughter is advanced in school. I’m not an exception. There are many single parents like me. 

    Making generalizations and stereotyping is the sign of a bad argument and lack of research. I only hate that someone thought it was a good idea to give her a microphone and a book deal. 

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