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When Computer Geeks Build Stuff

If I looked at you funny today it wasn’t because I was angry.
I wasn’t grumpy or mad.

I was sore.

Because we started with this

Pieces of the shedSee the smiles? We started snapping it together like a giant Lego set. We muscled the walls into the flooring, I hung from the inside corners and Doc hung from the other side. 300 pounds of weight is what it took to snap one panel in. And then something miraculous happened.

We re-read the directions and things started snapping in really easily. Shed 2

Those guys at Lifetime write a really helpful manual.


And so it went until it was time for the inside shelves.


I’m not showing you my face here, because it’s decidedly un-pretty and I’m fresh out of smiles for you.

Alexander was interested in the level, sadly we failed him when trying to explain the bubble in the middle.


Alexander didn’t see the point of the bubble when the numbers give you all the information you require.


It took us just shy of five hours, I cut my hand in two places and dropped about 53 Eff Bombs, but all in all, it was a fun day.

shed-completeRobert was kind enough to round up all the bicycles, toys and pottery and put them away while I soaked in Epsom Salts.

*You can find the shed over at Costco, it would’ve taken only about 3 hours if we used the wooden bits from the beginning.

4 thoughts on “When Computer Geeks Build Stuff”

  1. Wow! I would have half assed it in the end. Great job.

    (And, I know what you mean about decided un-pretty in a moment. When I was running through the stream for my show tonight, I had no make-up on and was wearing gym clothes. I kept thinking, “God, I hope nobody’s seeing this…”)

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