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Introducing: My Father

What happens when you take a German and raise them in England?

Double the repression!


I’m sorry Dad, but all that lawyering sounds really boring. Maybe Pat would rather work with me?

It goes on:

fireshot-capture-19-gmail-f_rt-onlineauthorgmail_com-mail_google_com_mail__shva1inbox_11f667fa9a3526adAnd then



If I’m going to be honest about it, I’d tell y’all that my father did, in fact get the last word.

But it’s my blog, so we end here.

7 thoughts on “Introducing: My Father”

  1. That is awesome…my parent’s don’t read my blog. But I can vaguely remember what my dad said about my first article about high-fructose corn syrup. He said something to the affect that it was very cute how zealous I was about it. This is what happens when your dad is a writer. BTW, like your new layout.

  2. I’m not sure who reads my blog. I doubt if my dad does. I know my mom does. Not sure about my step-mom. If I knew for sure that none of those three did I would talk about sex a whole lot. When my parents die (knock on cheap IKEA) my blog is going to get a lot dirtier.

  3. It sounds like he has a good humor about it though. Anyhow, scared to show my parents my blog, especially since my dad (retired cop).
    he said to never use his real name in anything I write LOL.

  4. Hey, nice use of legal doctrine. I am seriously impressed that you understand the concept of consideration. I took me a year of law school before I understood it, let alone was able to use it in conversation.

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