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A Funny Thing Happened at Costco

I was waiting in line to return a swimsuit that Jane didn’t like and out of the blue Katherine hugs me.

Katherine is a mom I haven’t seen in about three years, our girls went to nursery school together.

“Oh Jessica,” She said, “How are you?”

“Great, and you?” I replied, “How are you kids?” She had three….

“Wonderful, I just had another baby.” She began.

And before she could finish her sentence I asked, “Why?”

Gah, I wonder why she hadn’t called me in three years?

11 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened at Costco”

  1. I would have asked that too. One more after three already? Having one was taxing enough. I kinda like the way I got the older girls – I married a guy who had adult kids – a seriously great way to add to one’s family.

  2. As Annie and Mary said I would probably have asked why…and then I wonder why my friends all asked me why I had another one right after my first. But then again, I figure if I had already planned to have two might as well do it while my body rebounds quickly. And I do not think I can complain when I have the energy to keep up with them now, who knows what the future will look like. I think 2 is a good number, but that is my personal opinion.

  3. When I was pregnant with my last child at the age of 39, I already had other children. There was a gap in age between the next youngest and the one on the way. Most people assumed that this baby was an accident, even though she wasn’t, and weren’t shy asking about it. It might have been a miracle, but she was wanted!

    In other words, there are worse things you could have said.

  4. That’s totally the kind of thing I’d say. You know, if I weren’t hiding from the person. Which I totally did once. I saw an attorney I worked for at Costco and hid from her. This is terrible of me to say but she had twin toddlers who were very ugly and I was scared I’d say something rude in an effort to “be an honest person” or some crap.

  5. Ohhh yeah, am glad you guys meet each other already after 3 years. Wow! that’s long enough! Anyway, am happy for both of you that at least you have meet once then after long years. Am glad that you guys still know each other then.. God bless..

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