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The Day She Tossed Derek Markham Under The Bus For Problogger

Check out my inbox. It’s like a nerd social media squeeeeeeeee


He likes me. Darren Rowse likes me! Problogger is my facebook friend and he Likaholix me me me. It’s almost like printing…. nothing really. 

Obviously, people like me. I’ve got quite a few friends on facebook and twitter as well as every other social media chit chat site I can get my fingers into. I strongly suspect that more than a few are there waiting for the train wreck. Whatever floats yer boat darlin’.

In any event I’d been invited to likaholix by Derek Markham (who I write with at Green Options) and Derek is a guy who has helped me gain both readers and credibility. When Derek invited me to join Likaholix I did, I built my profile and found a few friends.

I wasn’t prepared to open up my address book to compete for a Kindle. I’ve recently rediscovered the public library, and it’s a recession and all. But then I realized I really want to win.

You know, just for the sake of winning and all….

So I’ve got to kiss this guy’s ass, even though he was the lead developer of GMail (which is still in beta) and I personally sold at least 300 gmail accounts on eBay. Well, technically I sold an envelope for $15 and the gmail account was a free bonus. *le sigh* the good ol’ days…. And then there’s his partner in crime who developed the Google Reader and is a cyclist. Good enough for me.

Listen, it’s clear that I won’t be winning a Kindle. I’ll never be one of the top 30 on Likaholix, but I think I like the site. If you’re a Yelp user like my friend Mary, it interfaces nicely.

Go and send Derek a little Likaholix lovin’ because I completely ignored the guy until the big boys came on the scene. Wouldn’t it be fun if our underdog won the Kindle?

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4 thoughts on “The Day She Tossed Derek Markham Under The Bus For Problogger”

  1. Likaholix? What the? How do you learn about these things? Every day I learn about some new cool tricked out internetty gadgety thing from you on Facebook. Just yesterday your mold introspective had me checking out Whrrl.

    I hit up Darren on Facebook. If he refuses I’ll try again and tell him that you sent me and that I Likaholix him. (That sounds dirty, but I’ll say it anyway.)

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