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Sending You Other Places Today

There is so much happening online in May that I’m going to forego a post, sit back and direct traffic a little today.

Today, the day after Mother’s Day, the chatter is still All Mom All the Time. I’m going to relax, grab my kids early and go to the dentist today.

Oh, and I’ve updated my twitter profile, I’m even snarlier today than I was last week.

7 thoughts on “Sending You Other Places Today”

  1. Love this ‘air traffic controller’ scenario…I’ve thought about doing the same once a week on Shaping Youth, and actually talked to Tracee at The Girl Revolution about doing this over the summer to get some lifestyle back!

    She’s creating a ‘summer of link love’ button for anyone who wants to share posts from their archives that make sense in our related spheres, so heads up! More on all this soon…

    p.s. What is this about Dr. Phil, now?

  2. I forgot, you’re on the other coast. Saw it this afternoon. In our airing, anyway, your segment did not get cut and you defended your position well.

    I hope to God the lawyer next to you fucks up in some understandable and ordinary way some day, and instead of the world saying “Been there!” they prosecute her ass.

  3. Congratulations on making it on the list! :) Thanks for your comment on my post, you certainly made me feel better and I completely agree with you! That is so great you’re going to be on Dr Phil today. I’m going to have to see if I can make it home in time to watch. What’s the show going to be about?

  4. The porn links on the WalMart website is perhaps the funniest thing I’ve seen in such a long time. Congrats on the Dr. Phil thing. Sorry I missed it though.

  5. I did wake up the other day to verse myself in all things twitter, particularly what West coasters are up to while I am sawing logs. AND I noticed some dicey words. Yowza.

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