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Elementary School Sports As Ambassadors

Jane is in fifth grade, and like her, the school she attends is growing and changing. I’m fairly certain both kids will stay there through the eighth grade, but I’ve got to do my homework and look at all the other local schools. In our area there are openings for new students in the sixth, seventh and ninth grades. On my living room table is a stack of admissions packets for various schools in the area.

One school in particular stands out as being the next step. It’s rigorous but nurturing, reasonably affordable and has a good sports program. I mentioned it to Jane and she said, “No, I won’t even look at that school.”

“What? Why?” I asked her, I was stunned. They have a stellar reputation and I’d really like to see both my kids there.

“Those girls were awful. When we played them in Volleyball last year they were teasing us and making fun of us. I don’t want to have to be around them.” She went on and on to detail the manner in which the girls from the Volleyball team had displayed bad sportsmanship and how the coach had ignored their bad behavior.

I tried to tell my daughter that the Volleyball Team was not necessarily representative of the school as a whole. Jane stared me down with a look that I’d previously thought I owned and said, “That volleyball team is the school.”

Case closed. We’re not even touring.

6 thoughts on “Elementary School Sports As Ambassadors”

  1. Brava, Jessica. You have probably ruined the lunch break for thousands of “heads of school” in America today. And properly so.

    Glad Jane had the opportunity to find out in advance this school is not for her. Best wishes on finding the school that will be blessed by having her on their rolls.

  2. Very good idea that Jane really reflects herself as part of the team as a whole. They plays together and win or loose together. Without teamwork, the team will loose and if with teamwork , the team will win !

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