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Parent Teacher Conferences

We had the conferences this morning. Both kids are doing well, but we knew that from Power School.

Socially all is well, the girls have moved past their cliques, the boys are learning to not interrupt. Everything is as it should be. Jane needs some test taking skills, as she goes from high A’s to C’s when the work changes title from “classwork” to “test”. Clearly she has anxiety about tests.

Maybe I’ll teach her those stupid Lamaze breaths. I think we all know it doesn’t do a damn bit of good for anything other than a tooth cleaning.

3 thoughts on “Parent Teacher Conferences”

  1. my oldest son and youngest daughter have the exact same problems. their have great grades until tests come along. and the don’t do that well. which makes their grades drop.

  2. They used to get me confused when I was in school and my teachers would be talking for ages to my mum about some random classmate of mine. I was the opposite great with tests, mediocre with class-work. Must be something to do with being good at sounding like I know what I’m on about even if I have no clue.

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