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How Much Money Do Mommy Bloggers Make? Tech Talk Tuesday

Last night there was a ridiculous fascinating discussion on twitter about how much Mommy Bloggers make.

Well, if you want to sponsor a post my rates are public over at Social Spark. Note, that I’ve taken exactly one sponsored post with them thus far, why? Because even with cash being flung my way, I’ve got to believe in the business. I’m mostly a business atheist.

Kelby Carr believes that Mom Bloggers deserve to get paid. I mostly agree with Kelby. Kelby and Gwen Bell then went on to have a twitter discussion about how much money Mom Bloggers make. One mom went so far as to create a poll. I won’t link you to the poll. Instead I will point you to ten of the much less personal questions that Mommy Bloggers answer each and every day.

1. Bikini waxes hurt more after childbirth. Don’t ask me why, just know that the inbetween is ouch.

2. You might poop when you’re pushing the baby out. Really, on the birth table, in front of your husband. That a father goes anywhere near a vagina is a testament to the power of man’s innate need to procreate.

3. Sometimes romance turns into a vagina on fire. Well, not fire, but uncomfortably hot (bad), which should not be confused with hawt (which is good)

4. We lament the bodies we used to have.

5. We assert that men can love us and beat us. It is always true, because it is always our perception.

6. Our asses bleed and we tell you.

7. We share our adoption stories, even when it shows a family’s frailties.

8. We do before and after Botox pictures, and we don’t deny the Botox (take that Brangelina! both of you)

9. We overdose at 7 months pregnant, and tell you.

10. We announce on the Oprah Winfrey show that we aren’t having sex. Really.

If that isn’t revealing enough for you then nothing ever will be. After you show me your husband’s pay stub, I’ll be sure to show you mine.

What’s a Mommy Blogger worth? What’s a copywriter worth, or an associate producer? Show me yours and I’ll show you mine. Nah. Nevermind.

12 thoughts on “How Much Money Do Mommy Bloggers Make? Tech Talk Tuesday”

  1. I’m learning from you woman. Keep it going. Love you lots.

    Oh, and I do lament my former perky boobs. I never appreciated them until birthing 4 spawns wrecked ’em for good. Dang it!

  2. I must be weird. I would much rather talk about money than my vagina. LOL. And wow…. so quoting you on this: “I mostly agree with Kelby.” Now when will your survey results be released? Because otherwise how will I know the standard penis size?

  3. I found the twitter conversation on blogging and money very interesting. It’s not because I care what other people make. It’s moreso that I’m amazed when people think that they are making a lot ( a couple of thousand dollars a month) when in reality that’s really a little for the amount of hours worked/services being offered.

    It’s kind of like when I used to work in investment banking. Some analysts thought that there salaries were so great – when in reality they were not making more per hour than their secretaries. (40 hrs week for $40K a year = 100 hrs week for $100K) It’s all relative.

    That’s the only reason why I think these types of discussions are important – so that people (who choose to do this as a job/not as a hobby) understand their true market value.

  4. In some ways, I’m interested in knowing how much money I could make if I really applied myself to my blog and to writing. I look at the likes of Dooce and others and dream of being able to get paid by advertisers and the like and really have the means to quit my day job and just write all day, every day.

    But I find the topic of “how much money do you make?” to be rather vulgar and tacky. I’ve been on both sides of the money fence (you know, a “have” and a “have not”) both growing up and several times in my adult life. Not having money embarasses me. Having money embarasses me. But I’d rather have the embarassment of having too much than too little! ;)

  5. That conversation while having good points annoyed me to no end. Mom bloggers are a valued commodity–smart mom bloggers. Sadly, it’s not always the savvy ones who the marketing folks turn to.

    And a non-mom being the center of the conversation…

  6. I watched my best friend give birth and she pooped. The doctor quickly swept it into the goo bag on the end of the delivery table. I was so terrified I would poop while giving birth too.. so… I didn’t eat anything for like 3 days before my induction. I sure solved that problem! Now… onto those pesky bleeding asses…

  7. Even as a young girl growing up in rural Louisiana, I always dreamed of owning my own company and answering to no one but myself as CEO of my own business. I always had an intense interest in the entertainment industry, so for me the nature of my future business was a no-brainer. I was born creative, and have spent most of life engaged in intense creative spurts of one kind or another. I have written songs and produced a demo, written poetry and short stories, produced for TV & film and working on developing my own TV projects.

    I believe that with business training and mentoring, anyone with a dream of owning their own business can make it happen. The key is maintaining the business and helping it grow so that it is a productive and profitable entity.

  8. Hate I missed the Twitter discussion. I do beleive that bloggers should get paid according to their expertise. I do agree with Kimberly these discussion are important and well worth the conversation.

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