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Tony Hawk Ride Giveaway: The Blackmail Saga

I noticed that a lot of you were looking for reviews of the Tony Hawk Ride. I loved it, my kids loved it and I predict that it will be impossible to find right before X-Mas.

Right now I’m giving away a X-Mas Tree. What good is a Christmas Tree without a gift to put under it?

Tony Hawk has a fantastic Gaming peripheral that’s just come on the market. The Tony Hawk Ride behaves like a skateboard would attached to your gaming system.

Activision kindly let me and the kids have a preview of  The Ride, and we loved it. In fact, I loved it so much I asked them if I could have one for a friend.

Activision said, “No.”

I said, “but wait, I have blackmail pictures.”

“Oh really?” They said, “Of what?”

“Of Tony Hawk being mean to kids”

“Tony Hawk is a really nice guy, you said so yourself.” Activision sounded worried.

“Okay then, explain this!” And I showed them this picture

Tony Hawk Demonstrating the ride 2

“Tony is not sharing, he is hogging the game!” I cried.

They were like, “Uh, Jessica he’s showing the kids how to use the game.”

So the blackmail didn’t work, but the nagging did and I have one extra game for one lucky reader in the US. My review of The Ride is here.

Here are the rules:

Entering this contest is simple, just leave a comment below telling me which gaming console you use: wii, xbox or playstation. Make sure you use a valid email address. Each comment counts as one entry. Pingbacks will also count as an entry, so a link to the contest on your blog could enter you a second time. Entries close at midnight November 24th Pacific Time.

Sometime Wednesday morning I’ll call my Brother, who knows none of you, and ask him to pick a number between 1 and [however many entries there are]. That person will be contacted. If you don’t respond within 24 hours, we’ll pick another winner.

Please note, the blackmail is fictional, but the nagging is not. The folks over at Activision take a ton of crap from me, and I really do want to thank them for being so generous to my readers.

245 thoughts on “Tony Hawk Ride Giveaway: The Blackmail Saga”

  1. Thank you so much for offering to giveaway and to Activison too! My sons would flip over this game. I’d love the wii game if we won. Thanks.

  2. We have a Nintendo Wii that we love and play often.
    My children would love this.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  3. Awesome, awesome, thanks for the Tony Hawk story! My son has wanted this since it was released, we’d want it for the Nintendo Wii :D We love Tony!!!

  4. We rock the BOX…..The XBOX, that is.
    My son would love to hop on that board. I’m not sure if he will know exactly what he is doing but BOY WILL HE LOOK COOL!

  5. I just donated my Wii to my parents because I don’t have the time to use it much any more and they babysit for lots and lots of kids who would get so much more use out of it. I’d love to be able to give them this new game for the kids to play too, it looks like it would be alot of fun.

  6. I think my husband and daughter both would love this, in my husbands younger years he skateboarded now he would probably fall on his behind. We game on both a wii and a PlayStation 3

  7. xbox LOL looks like i could hurt myself on it even though theres no wheels good thing my son would get it if your brother picks a big number. Thanks for the chance!

  8. I want this sooo bad on PS3, but I just had a baby! My wife won’t let me spend money on any new PS3 games. I especially want this because I skated back in the 80s, but don’t have the stamina anymore! This would be like old times!

  9. We have all three, but my second-to-oldest (the skateboard fanatic) uses the PS3 the most, so he would probably prefer it for that console. Thank you.

  10. This is kind of a goofy answer, but myself and my two best friends have all three major systems. I have a Wii, Isaac has a PS3, and John has a 360.

  11. Since I have various members of the family with either a Wii, an XBOX 360, or a PS3, it is hard to decide. I guess I’d like a PS3 version. One Christmas gift down, dozens more to go.

  12. First off, Thank you Jessica (for your Nagging that resulted in this AWESOME giveaway, lol! Much appreciated!) and Activision for providing the goods!

    My family would LOVE to have this sweet game for the XBOX 360, I think it would be so much fun watching my 17 y/o Son show off, my Husband “attempting” to re-creat Tony Hawks mad skills, my 4 y/o Daughter showing them who the REAL Gamer in the house is, and finally me… it will be especially priceless to them when I fall on my behind while attempting to step on the board!

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  13. Tony Hawk: I would like it on the PS3.
    Wow, so many people have Wiis. I do too but the PS3 has a comeback as the best console out now.

  14. Hi….this is great….. My reason is for my beautiful neice and nephew. My neice love Tony Hawk because of her passion of skateboarding. We were surely reminded of this over and over at Six Flags St. Louis on the Tony Hawk ride…pretti awesome. May you and your family have happy holiday cheer for TRULY this is what it is all about……thanx a mill ! X360 have stamped a lotta family memories and this would add a special touch : )

  15. My Son is 13 and would love this We have a wii please pick us since We have been unemployed since April Our Christmas like so many others will be slim

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