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Hanukkah Lists

Here’s the deal. Mom, Dad, Brother… y’all keep emailing me asking what the kids want, and the reality is that there’s very little they’re itching for. We have a list, it’s short. I’m publishing it here and then when you decide you want to buy them something let everyone else know please. I don’t need my kid to have 3 pair of the same shoes.

Jane’s List:

  • Converse up to the knee high tops in size 7.¬† (yes, I know, they are just as hideous as they sound) I can’t find a link to them anywhere but they have them at the mall near my house, on the lower level in the shoe store that looks like no adult ever entered. She would like them in black please.
  • Anything Twilight. Please be on the skank alert. It gets bad.. quick.
  • Bozo the Clown blow up. It’s available at Big Kid Toys.
  • NY Giants Jacobs jersey. She’s a kids size XL or adult XS.
  • A Basketball.
  • Clothes from Abecrombie, but here’s the rub, if it doesn’t fit her, YOU Have to take her back for the exchange. I hate shopping there.

Alexander’s List:

  • Signed Babe Ruth baseball (also available at Big Kid but OMG is this inappropriate for an 8 year old)
  • Left handed street hockey stick and puck
  • Alex Rodrguez jersey. Not shirt. Home with pinstripes, he wears a size Large.
  • NHL 10 for PlayStation 3
  • Eli Manning¬† Jersey He is a Youth Large
  • Baseball cards: easily found near the checkout stand at Target

I, of course, would love for them to get gift cards to Barnes and Noble, I’d love it even more if you took them there. Or to Vromans. Every child should have a day at Vromans.


2 thoughts on “Hanukkah Lists”

  1. I’m pretty sure these are the Converse you are looking for:

    That smell in Abercrombie is hideous – you can smell it about 10 stores down on all sides. That and the music and attitude, lovely! Now everyone knows how to get under your skin; send your daughter a gift certificate so you have to go!!

    I have never heard of Vromans but now I’m dying to go, thanks for the tip.

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