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Servite High School: January 2009

The name of the team is the Friars. The rest is without commentary

3 thoughts on “Servite High School: January 2009”

  1. um this is a three point cheer…. it’s done to make noise when a person is about to shoot a three pointer to try to distract them. however miss mater dei here thinks that everything servite is raciest. btw eye black in football is suppose to be as INTIMIDATION you half wit. and some highschoolers go overboard. loosen up a little bit little miss perfect.

  2. Looks like school is out for winter break. I am sure that Jessica sees a lot of things in this video, as do I, but racy isn’t one of them. Heh. Jessica has never professed herself to be perfect, so I am not sure if that is supposed to be hurtful. I actually think that it is a compliment. ;o)

    Intimidation is one thing, but being flat out racists is quite another. This topic has been written about at length since 2009. The school considered it racists and not a reflection of the “Christian Leaders” they are supposed to be growing. The coaches considered it racist and claimed to not hear it at the time. If you don’t think this video is racist then you must attend Servite.

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