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It’s Hard Being A Little Boy

Alexander woke up this morning and told me he had a sore throat and an upset stomach. He was whiny.

Here’s the thing about Alexander, when he’s really and truly sick, he’s never whiny, he’s just tired and snuggly. My little boy was a big mess of jangled nerves this morning. I sent him in to talk to his Dad. My husband is able to pull information out of anyone, he’s a listener and a questioner. He’s a great Dad. Nothing.

Alexander was very tight lipped. I think school is okay, but something has him nervous or anxious. He’s also a tight lipped kid. It’s a little tough when you want to get information out of him, but I suspect he’s just the guy for the NSA.

I’m nervous for him now too. I wish I could spy on him at school today just so I can see him laughing and playing with his friends. You know, so I know he’s okay.

5 thoughts on “It’s Hard Being A Little Boy”

  1. Oh I’ve been there. I wasn’t nearly as patient or collected as you. Instead I went to school and spied on him; I texted his teacher to find out how he was doing. I hid in the school office and watched him play foursquare with the other boys. I stared those boys down. Each one, like they were suspects.
    At pickup, I came with a cupcake. I got “What’s this for, mom?” When I told him, “Oh, nothing.” He just looked at me and nodded. I still don’t know what was bugging him that whole week, but it was serious to him. Best I could do was a stupid cupcake and a sneaky spy mission.

    He’ll know you both are there for him if he needs his A-Team. At least that’s what we’re telling ourselves here in our house.

  2. I love catching my kid in the act of having a good time at school. It’s the best feeling to know they are happy even when we’re not there to make sure EVERY thing is going well. Good luck with Alexander, hopefully he’s just having an off day. All this rain is bumming everyone out.

  3. Oh I can so relate; tho’ the opposite is happening to me at this moment. 9 y/o daughter goes to school happy-go-lucky…some teasing occurs on the bus ride home and she calls me hysterically crying. A secret was revealed, feelings hurt, the whole nine yards. I’m stuck at work late, so sent my hubby home. I know everything will be fine, but I’m sitting here thinking of nothing else…sigh.

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