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Tech Talk Tuesday: Doing Good

Remember the refugees?

After I finish writing this post, I’m going to bed. Upstairs, in a bed which rests above the carpet and under the roof. I am a recipient of The American Dream.

The refugee dream is simpler. A tent.

A tent keeps a family safe, a tent is $200. Not very much, really, but a little more than what I can do on my own.

The guys over at the UN introduced me to Clare, and she did this.

Yep, that’s right, you’re looking at the offices of Splash News, and they had a great time with a simple fundraiser for Gimme Shelter in the office after hours.

I’m a teeny tiny bit competitive, and I’m pretty sure that even without an office, I can do better.

On January 20th The Game Truck is coming here and we are having our very own Wii tournament. The Mommy Bloggers of LA (and our girlfriends) will have our very own wii tournament, and I challenge you to have one with your friends too.

Clare made it pretty easy, she also reminded me to reset the mii’s before you play (no, I have no idea what that means).

Here’s what I’m asking from you. If you’d like to have a Wii tournament to benefit the UNHCR let me know, I’d love to post your videos and if you need any help I’m here.

You can set up a fund raising page easily by joining my group over at the UNHCR and help spread the word.

Or you can donate directly by clicking here. Every amount is appreciated. It was suggested to me (by Andrew Swenson) that a latte is $3, perhaps you can skip your latte today and give $3?

Most importantly: The Game Truck party will serve as a practice, because I am officially challenging Splash News to a Virtual Tennis Match to benefit the UNHCR. Details to follow, but it’s the Mom Bloggers versus the Photogs, and if any one of you thinks that they have a team that can beat us… well, I challenge you too. Tentatively we are scheduled to compete in Redondo Beach, CA this spring.

*I want to thank The Game Truck, because I got halfway through explaining to them what I wanted to do, and they jumped right in with “we want to support that”

7 thoughts on “Tech Talk Tuesday: Doing Good”

  1. I was just catching up on my RSS feeds, and suddenly I found my name…

    I think the Wii parties are a great idea, and so is skipping a latte for a day to help someone out. Although I do want to say that the real genius behind the original coffee-skipping campaign was Shane Mac ( who was doing something similar for charity: water.

    Reading this post has lead me to imagine what would happen if every week we skipped coffee just once for the good of someone else. Not as sexy as a Wii party, but good nonetheless.

    I’m sure you’ll keep us updated on how your Wii party turns out.

    Now I just have to figure out how to organize my own.

    Thanks Jessica.

  2. Hey Jessica,

    Andrew pointed me to your site and I wanted to say awesome work with your Wii Party. (I am that guy who thought about skipping your latte for a day that Andrew was talking about). I though I would just stop by and say hello… Keep doing good things and I hope to talk with you soon!


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