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What Do You Call Your Vagina?

No, I’m not kidding. We all really want to know.

11 thoughts on “What Do You Call Your Vagina?”

  1. I guess this is one of those instances in which I apparently lack a sense of humor. Vagina is vagina, you don’t pee from your vagina, you pee from your urethral opening, clitoris is clitoris, labia are labia. The vagina is actually the inside part, not the outside. It is an organ not just for making/delivering babies but also for sexual pleasure. People do not shave/wax their vaginas, they shave/wax their pubic hair. My daughter is 13 and I believe she is entitled to the truth. There is no more reason to be embarrassed/full of nervous giggles when referring to your ‘girl parts’ than there is when you are referring to your elbow.

    But I’m a nurse and believe that safe sex starts with de-stigmatizing the fact that women are sexual beings (just like men).

  2. We call it what it is, all parts have their names. My Mom called penises “beetles” when I was little. I remember one time being outside at my Grandma’s house and seeing a particularly disgusting bug. When I asked my Mom what it was and she replied beetle, I freaked out. I thought that was what my brother’s had between their legs! ACK!
    So yeah, we just call them by their proper names and my kids do too.

  3. We’ve always called them by the correct terms of Vagina and Penis especially to our children. I don’t want them to be shy of the term in the event that something happens that I need to be aware of. They should never feel awkward talking about this area of their body IMO. So this is why we are always very out going when talking about their body parts.

    1. Careful with the word “correct.” Whatever you call it is the correct term, why not? I call mine a vagina because that’s what my Mom called it. Now I resent that because “vagina” sounds way too clinical for the wonderful cosy sweet little thing between my legs.

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