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Bargain Hunting With Momversation

The part of the video that you didn’t see? Well, I’m wearing a red beret because it was ON SALE. And it’s UGLY.

I am not a bargain shopper, I want to be one, but I’m terrible at it. Are you a Bargain Hunter? I don’t even clip coupons any more, I stopped pretending it would work.

Special thanks to Karen Wolrond, Rebecca Wolf and Maggie Mason

Oh, and also, my only successful discount shopping experiences begin at Gilt, here’s your invitation.

Let me know what kind of shopper you are, would you be the one in the red beret and jingling shoes?

5 thoughts on “Bargain Hunting With Momversation”

  1. I mix it up. I’ll wear a pair of $200 jeans with a $5 top and $20 shoes. I do the major bulk of my clothing shopping at H&M, Target, Old Navy, Forever 21, and Macy’s. Most of my home decor comes from Target, IKEA, and Cost Plus World Market (except for major furniture pieces).

  2. Okay, I am the QUEEN of bargain shopping, but out of necessity. Being a wardrobe stylist, I have expensive taste without the budget to follow through, HOWEVER; I have been in the business long enough to know exactly where to go to get what I want. I know which Marshall’s and which Loehmann’s…I keep tabs on the things that I want (I’ve been known to stalk certain items on occasion), knowing in which months sales occur and markdown’s happen. I shop thrift stores, sample sales, high-end clearance racks, online bargains and designer collaborations (i.e. Target, H&M, Payless), and them mix it together for a look I love. Even if I was my old self spending money on booze and shoes instead of tuition? I would most likely still not shop retail, since I view it as kind of a sport. And Jessica – you are adorable. There are two kinds of women; those who can wear berets, and those who cannot. You are the former.

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