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My Husband Needs A New Telephone

So, I was having lunch with a girlfriend today, and while I was waiting for the valet to bring my car, I noticed a billboard for a TV show I wanted to watch. There was, however a slight glitch, the TV show isn’t on until much later this month. Well, the show is on one of Mr. G’s affiliates. Always thinking quickly, I hopped into my car and dialed his office.

MR. G: Hi honey [he has caller id]

ME: Hi, can you do me a favor and bring home a screener.

MR. G: Sure, what for?

ME: For _____

MR. G: Why can’t you watch that on TV? You never watch DVDs

ME: Because it’s not showing until March 16th.

And then something happened, and it’s really worrisome. The phone went dead. I have no idea how Mr. G. expects to do business with phones that are constantly disconnecting.

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