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Mothers Day Gift Guide

There will be no Mother’s Day Gift Guide, because no one really reads them, and my mom reads my blog so she’d just find out what she’s getting.

If you don’t live near your mom, today would be a good day to get a card in the mail.

All we really want is a clean house. I’d like a day where I don’t have to cook, clean or flush the toilet for anyone. I don’t mind dusting or laundry, it’s the shit that puts me over the edge.

And really, don’t spend too much on us, because ultimately it’s our money too, and if we want something we prolly already bought it while you were at the office.

5 thoughts on “Mothers Day Gift Guide”

  1. OMG, that last part is so true. Seriously, if I wanted it, I’ve already shopped around and figured out how to get the very best price on it. And in my experience, men do not shop around when gifting. It stresses me out.

  2. Seriously! If I could get through one day without flushing the toilet for someone else (some of whom have used the toilet despite the fact that the person before them didn’t flush the toilet) THAT would be a miracle. I’m in a house with all boys. Sometimes I think they mistake those things for squirt guns.

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