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How Do You Travel?

I’m high maintenance. Like not a little bit, but a lot. My friend Melissa gave me the best  hotel check in advice ever. When we get to a hotel my husband (much like Melissa’s husband Chappy) takes a seat in the lobby, and I do the checking in.

I say, “I’d like your second room, please.”

Then they look at me totally confused and ask, “What second room?”

“The room you’re going to show me to after I complain about the first.” I cheerfully reply.

And then there is typically some giggling, and more often than not they decide to send me to a different hotel room. When the bellman brings me to the room, my husband and children wait in the lobby. After I’ve inspected the room, I call down, and only then do we begin the process of unpacking.

I love camping, in my twenties I rode my bicycle through most of the Western States. I have traveled through the Middle East with a carry on bag only, but I didn’t love it.

Check out this weeks Momversation, Maggie says that traveling light helps her be a better parent. I’m totally taking her word for it. Cortney Novogratz shares tips for how she travels with seven kids.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel. I love to explore new cities, and I love giving my kids learning opportunities. I love coming back to a clean and spacious hotel room, that’s all.

5 thoughts on “How Do You Travel?”

  1. The travel adventure I have to share with you will make you cringe. In fact, I probably should have just let you get on the phone with the airport and the hotel I am currently sitting at. I maybe wouldn’t be falling asleep tonight to the lull of a saw and hammers.

  2. My favorite: I’m 17, in Mexico with my family. The hotel messed up the reservation and “there are no rooms available” (5-star resort). My dad looks at the hotel manager and asks, “If the President of the United States showed up right now, would you have a room for him?”

    “Si, senor.”

    “Then we’d like his room.”

    We got the penthouse suite – that ended up having no A/C – but it’s still a great story.

  3. We travel constantly because my son plays hockey. I need a lesson or three in packing lighter because my husband is constantly complaining that I pack too much junk for a weekend trip. I say you just never know what’s going to happen! Especially in the Winter in Wyoming!

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