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The Easiest Birthday Party Yet

Earlier today we had Alexander’s birthday party. Yesterday I baked a caramel cake, made a mud pie and picked up a few bottles of wine. This morning I faxed an order into Chin Chin, and this afternoon we showed up the ice rink. The kids ate and Mr. G. organized them for broomball, the parents enjoyed each other’s company, and all was good.

It was easy. Incredibly easy, and like most summer parties it was a small gathering, which is perfect for my son.

One of the moms is pregnant, she’s having a baby for a local couple. This is her second time being a surrogate. I am absolutely fascinated. She told me a little bit about the process (I have one friend who went through it recently as the parent), and what is most remarkable is that her take on things was very similar to the parent’s. She makes it seem like a winning arrangement for everyone. Apparently she is not psychotic while pregnant (I might have been).

Another mom told me that her brother is a blogger. I looked him up, and he’s got a funny take on things, of course she followed up with “it’s perfect for narcissists”.

Um, okay I get it bloggers are narcissists. I would love to talk more about that, but let’s talk more about me.

Easy day, we’re wrapping up July, and sailing into August with ease. Tomorrow I will finally post our book club discussion and add links to everyone’s blog posts about The Saturday Wife, later this week we’ll pick a new book to read.

Also, you MUST watch this. You know that McDonalds is making smoothies, right? If you didn’t LOVE Jamba Juice yesterday, I’m pretty sure you’ll love them today.


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