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A Comic Book Burning

Alexander was reading comics on the sofa and asked me, “Mom, what is SCI-fall-us?”

“I don’t know honey, do you want to show me the word, maybe you’re not pronouncing it right?”

He brought me his Simpson’s Comic Book, and there it was plain as day SYPHILIS.

“You pronounce it syphilis and it’s a disease your penis gets, but it only happens to adults.” I said.

“Oh, that is funny.” and then he returned to the sofa and continued reading.

2 thoughts on “A Comic Book Burning”

  1. My kids love the Simpsons and sometimes it makes me squirmy, and I’m no prude.

    Today the my oldest said something about peeing pants and my 8 yo replied “jizzed my pants”. After my husband did the heimlich to remove my tongue from my throat, he told us he read it from the comment section from an Annoying Orange youtube vid.

    I feel like there is either the oversheltering bubble option , or the just put them out there and pray option. No middle ground.

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