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Middle School

Jane burst in the front door this afternoon, her hair was damp from the swim party, her cheeks red, her jeans skinny and eyes huge.

“Mom I have Mrs. Lodge for my mentor teacher and my locker is on the bottom but it’s under a new boy and I tried for thirty minutes to open my locker and I only got it open two times but the new boy promised me that he’d help me open my locker and I’m in advanced Spanish and I’m scared of SeƱora and I have all my classes with Sophia and I love middle school.”

And she said it all without taking a breath.

What I heard was, “The new boy likes me and Spanish might make me cry.”

7 thoughts on “Middle School”

  1. Oh, my! This is my second time reading this today and both times gave me chill bumps. It is one of those moments that make you so happy and terrified to raise a daughter.

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