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New Humiliation

Monday morning I had to go get an eye exam.

“When was your last eye exam?” The doctor asked me.

“Never.” I replied. “I’m only doing this because the rheumatologist needs it. I see everything.”

“and you are forty…” she asked.


“Well, in two to three years you’ll probably need glasses, that’s when it happens for everyone.” She smugly responded.

My baseline is fine, perfect even, and I left the office with eyes dialated. I could not see a thing.

And sadly, I also could not squint to keep the sun out of my eyes. Too much Botox.

2 thoughts on “New Humiliation”

  1. Hey Jessica, I didn’t realize that you suffer from RA. My 6 year old has JRA and we have to get regular eye exams too… Hope you are feeling good these days. Hugs!

  2. My mother & grandmother have/had RA. I am waiting for my turn. Hopefully I dodged that bullet and my daughter will as well. I also wear glasses and my most hated thing is the eye dilation for the exam. Didn’t you have the black out shades to wear? I find those help tremendously. Unfortunately, what usually wears off in a couple hours on most, lasts 6-8 hours for me. So I am essentially blind for most of the day after the opthamologist appointment.

    The Botox thing is really funny, though.

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