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That Was a Compliment?

I was on the soccer fields last night and one of the Dads (who I really like and who I’ve known forever showed up).

“Hey Jessica how are you?” He asked.

“Great.” I smiled and lied.

“Wow, you look different, something is different…” He sort of smiled and looked at my forehead.

“I had my hair done, maybe it’s my hair.” I offered (and by done I mean colored)

“No, no that’s not it, it’s something around your eyes…”

“I had my brows shaped, and I’m wearing a little makeup.” I offered up hopefully.

“No, no, that’s not it either.” And the poor dear was just staring at my eyes.

My Botox is settling in.” I replied perkily.

“Oh that’s what it. Hey, it looks great!” And then he shuffled his shoes.

3 thoughts on “That Was a Compliment?”

  1. Although I do see the humor in this…..I just have to ask Jessica, how do you justify or feel “okay” with botox treatments when you otherwise seem to be very healthy?? Care to enlighten me? Am I missing the something…..the “health” benefits of botox perhaps?

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