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Passing Notes

Jane and a friend got caught passing notes in class.

Their grammar is atrocious, and for that I will punish her.

It seems as though the girls have noticed the boys. Jane was passing notes with the daughter of a very bohemian family, and I’ve decided that I’m going to tap into my conservativeness. In addition to blaming the other child (whose parents are clearly the problem, no?), I’m going to mix myself a gin and tonic, squeeze some lime into it, and suckle on a Xanax. Because really, that’s what any good conservative housewife would do. In. That. Order.


6 thoughts on “Passing Notes”

  1. My 13 year old son was first in his class last year (his last year at elementary school). He had been a school police for 4 years in a row, at 2 different schools. We were so proud of him and everything he did. His teachers often commended him on his work in front of the class.

    This year, he’s started secondary classes (in the US, it would be jr. high, 7th grade). At a new school. He decided he was tired of always being the ‘nerd’ and being made fun of by other kids, so he was going to be a new person at this new school. He went straight to the bottom, and hooked up with some delinquents. The school sent notes home, regarding his behavior and grades – we never got them, of course. He hid them and threw them away. (I guess a phone call was out of the question) We never had any reason to doubt that things weren’t going as well as before, we’d never had any problem with him in school.

    We trusted him.

    Two thirds of the school year has gone by, and we’ve finally figured out what’s going on. Of course, it took him skipping classes and getting suspended. It may very well be too late to prevent him from having to repeat this year, he’s fallen so far behind on his school work. We got him a tutor and put him on restriction until we start seeing some improvement in his work.

    So, he ran away from home. Fortunately, only to his mother’s house – but my god – a 13 year old child on a city bus in Lima, fricken Peru at 10pm at night? It still stops my heart when I think of what could have happened to him.

    No point really – your situation is nothing like mine. Other than the gin and xanax.

  2. I have no fear of my daughter passing notes about boys. I have trained her big brother in various martial arts and instructed him to disable any boy that talks to her. And if that doesn’t work, well there is a reason why the boys will refer to me as the Angel of Death.

    Damn if I am not scared silly that my kids will be just like me- I am in so much trouble.

  3. Is passing notes bad now? I think it’s an alternative information network, one that doesn’t rely on hierarchical classroom power structures. Or maybe I sound like the other parents? The G&T sounds like a good idea too!

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