Skip to content Launches in Los Angeles launched just a few days ago in Los Angeles.

My understanding is that there will be a nationwide rollout in 2011. No matter where you are located, I’d keep an eye on this.

We all love Groupon. The internet loves Groupon so much that they said “no thank you” to an eighty bazillion dollar offer from Google. That’s a fact, go ahead and check it, I sure didn’t.

We’ve loved flash sales since Woot came on the scene with a deal a day. We fell in love a little more when Gilt gave us $25 to refer a friend (they don’t give that any longer so I don’t refer any longer). We fell madly and passionately in love when Groupon gave us laser hair removal at 80% off and 50% off at the Gap.

How much stuff do you really need? You don’t actually have to answer that.

Family Finds is a daily deal site that sells experiences. Every parent knows that the tchotches don’t really matter. What really matters is how we spend time with our families. Unfortunately some of these experiences cost quite a bit, and some of them we just don’t know about. Family Finds is an online daily promotions site that is focusing on us. Families who want to spend some time together.

If you’re looking to take your kids to a theme park, to a free concert or just to find out what is going on in your town this week, then you’ll enjoy the weekly blog at Family Finds. This week they share the free holiday concert at McCabes (I started going to concerts at McCabes in 1974).

Thus far I haven’t found anything that’s perfect for my kids, but I remember saying that about Groupon and Gilt too… cue the ominous music. Family Finds lets you suggest a deal. I’m going to suggest Magic Mountain.

Family Finds Suggest A Deal

Currently they are offering $10 credits to refer a friend. If you sign up early you might be the lucky one to refer all of your friends.

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