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I Gave Tech This Hanukkah: Momversation


I tried not to. My friend Joanne is so much better than I, but I love technology so it’s no surprise my kids do too.

Join the Momversation with Mindy, Rebecca and me. Will you be giving tech this year? I did.

3 thoughts on “I Gave Tech This Hanukkah: Momversation”

  1. Drop a 5 yo in Chicago without a map?LOL!Jessica, I think they need more than just a map:)
    We are completely tech over here.The girls are 3 & 5 and are getting Nintendo DSi’s fro Christmas, of course they are getting educational games to go with it ( not just brain rot ,mind numbing games).They have also been playing games on the Wii ( which they actually do get active doing the games they have),we play Rock Band on the PS3 as a family, they’ve been doing the Jumpstart education games on the Mac, they have apps, they’ve got clickstart and vsmile, sansa shaker, cameras and Tag readers. I think in the world we live in today, they need to be tech savvy.My kindergartner has computer at school so if we didn’t have all this technology available for her at home,she’d be behind.All this being said, they are getting good old fashioned toys as well; barbies, baby dolls, and Melissa and Doug imagination toys. I think there is a balance and every kid is different but I certainly don’t think that giving tech to children is a bad thing.

  2. I think, like you, tech can be useful. My daughter, as yet, does not have the skills to navigate games on the computer or an iPhone. But, my husband’s iPhone used to keep her relatively calm at the doctor’s office. While this may sound like lazy parenting… it was an incredibly big feat for HER and we appreciated it for what it was. I don’t, for one, really understand the whole trend toward Tag jr, and Leap jr (or whatever the system is called).. frankly my daughter likes regular books just fine and I’ll continue that trend. I do, however see us – within the near future (1-2 years) getting her either an iPod touch or an iPad for educational games and as an augmentative communication device. I think with careful monitoring either will be a useful tool.

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