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The Great Recession and Holidays

How has the Great Recession affected your holiday season?

Has it?

Am I the only one who swears that they’re going to spend less and then completely blows it?

6 thoughts on “The Great Recession and Holidays”

  1. This is the first year that my daughter has been really AWARE of the holidays… and so we did go a little overboard. And I do mean a little. We WANTED to get gifts for her teachers, because those are the people who do a lot for her. I get more “humbuggy” about the expectation from people about what a gift should be. I wouldn’t mind just keeping it simple throughout the year.

  2. This year has been a difficult year not only because of the recession but within our family we have moved, my husband was downsized and took a contract job in another state (4 hours away) & now finally got a permanent position( again 4 hours away) and money is tight with travel and keeping 2 residences.WE’ll be moving to join him in the summer.But the past 9 months have been incredibly hard being apart…on all of us.We’ve always tried to keep the finances to ourselves. Not that the kids are oblivious, they know there are limits but we don’t want them worrying about whether they will have presents or be able to do what the other kids are doing. They will.Because we’ve made the decision that we (he and I) would make any sacrifices that were needed.It’s our responsibility not theirs. SO this year, the girls will have presents (not overboard but they will certainly not feel cheated) but at the same token, my husband and I are forgoing gifts this year for one another. We also eliminated gratuitous gift giving to acquaintances.Honestly, I didn’t even print cards this year..instead opting for emails. It has made me feel a lot less in the spirit because I am a giver and I like to give to those I a big way but I have to be practical.I’m really trying to just enjoy the time with the people I love and make it magical for my girls ( watching old movies, drinking coco in front of the fireplace, seeing Santa, putting the ornament on the advent calender, sledding, lights, making cookies….etc.I have to let go of this old thinking that giving “things” is the only way to spread the holiday love.A smile, a hug, a fresh baked god, a thoughtful gesture..that’s what the holidays area bout and that’s what I am trying to focus on with my girls.

  3. For our toddler, we decided to buy Hanukah gifts around a theme that was both fun and practical: winter adventure. He got a snowsuit, a North Face (small concession to luxury!), a sled, winter boots, mittens, new socks and a cute hat with monkey eyes. By the time Hanukah had ended, we had enough snow to take him sledding! He was able to “break in” all his gifts at once, and he’ll enjoy them all winter (a long season here in Western New York!).

  4. interesting dialogue.
    for our family it has greatly affected our family as it has the last couple of years. Husband remains unemployed over 2 years now. our children each received one gift and HURRAY! we were able to pay the mortgage again this month and continue to ridiculous dance with our mortgage lender (who has been bailed out TWICE by our government) to accept our loan modification request that they swore we qualify for.
    although some are unapologetically sorry that is has been a bad year…years for our family we enjoyed our holiday…even if hubs is STILL unemployed…watching our children open their one gift from us…sorry Santa doesn’t visit the unemployed…still, hurray, we get to keep our home…at least for this month.

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