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A Sick Day

Jane is home sick today. She’s not sick in the traditional you have a fever you can’t be in the classroom manner. She’s sick in the up coughing all night, drippy nose, really gross cold manner.

To be abundantly clear, had she slept last night I’d be sending her and her drippy nose to school even though I’d be totally irritated if another mother did the same. It’s the fact that she couldn’t sleep that allows her to stay home. That combined with the fact that it rained last night.

How are these things related? I’m glad you asked. Jane is staying home because of three things:

  • She has a cold
  • She did not sleep well last night
  • It rained last night

A cold is quite simply not reason enough to stay home from school. Not sleeping well is  not a reason to stay home from school. Rain on the streets is not reason enough to stay home from school.

When you’re sniffly and coughy and you didn’t sleep much the night before it’s unlikely that you’ll get much done in school the next day. This is sort of a reason to stay home, but it hasn’t reached the tipping point yet. Add to that the fact that it’s Tuesday Morning Ladies Doubles and your mom can’t play tennis because the courts are wet.


Home from school.

The day was gonna suck for me anyhow.

6 thoughts on “A Sick Day”

  1. LOL! I feel your pain. Bella was home all last week due to some crazy, drippy nose, high fever, chills, sore throat, couldn’t sleep, headache…bizarre respiratory virus add to that pink eye for her and Gabs and my week sucked a donkey dick pretty much all last week. Hope Jane feels better!

  2. Makes sense to me. Taking a child into to school late after bad sleep or late nights (which are pretty rare) are in my mom arsenal. When I taught, I often dealt with grumpy, unrested children and if they hadn’t been 12, I’d have set up nap cots and made them take one.

    Nothing wrong with a recoup day. Honestly, learning is such a long haul project that a day or two here and there doesn’t matter much to the bottom line (which is them leaving home and supporting themselves for a while before taking care of me and their dad).

  3. Yeah, this certainly doesn’t make me a better mother than you because I’d have done exactly. the. same. thing. Same reasoning and all that. I send my kid to school with gross colds all the time. If I’d had something important (to me…and yeah, tennis would qualify if I played) to do today and my kid had a gross cold and was up half the night? Probably still going to school. Combination of all three? Sure, stay home.

  4. Here it is. School policy is that if your kid is sick, keep em home… school nurse, however, says if they have a cold – nothing more – and they have energy… send them in. We’ve been hit hard, both this year and last, if I kept her home every time she had a cold? I may as well be a SAHM.

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