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I Taught My Daughter to Park the Car

Technically she’s not old enough to drive it, but I was driving at eleven and she’s plenty tall.¬†At twelve she doesn’t have much good sense but to be perfectly fair I’m 40 and my decision making skills are mediocre at best.

So the other day when I needed to move the car out of the driveway and onto the street I tossed Jane the keys and said, “It’s your turn to park the car.”

I still have whiplash. She’s really heavy on the brakes and herky jerky on the steering wheel, but I figure these little lessons now are going to make it that much easier when she’s 15 and and half.

5 thoughts on “I Taught My Daughter to Park the Car”

  1. I taught my brother how to drive at 15. (Back then, you couldn’t get your learner’s permit until 16.) He was terrible but it was an awesome bonding experience. We hated each other back then, and when I handed him the keys, his eyes lit up and it was our little secret.

  2. My mom was doing this with me (and later my siblings) at this age, too. We had a lot of property, though…and legally we could drive with the owner’s (mom’s!) permission. We started out by moving the car from the front of the house, round to the back when we needed to unload stuff into the shed. Eventually we were allowed to do it alone…then we could drive it around to wash it. By the time I was 13, I could drive better than most 16 yr olds I knew…and could even drive stick! When I hit permit age, my mom didn’t have any worries.

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