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My Dad is A Totally Better Shopper Than Your Dad

In addition to teaching us kids how to chart stocks (with a piece of paper, The LA Times and a pencil) and how to compute compound interest my father has taught his kids how to shop. There’s no room for schlock. You buy one nice thing at a time (unless you have cash for two) and you keep it.

Interestingly my pre-blogging career was in the couture resale business. Thanks Dad.

The other day the kids and I were coming back from school and there was a Zappos box at the front door. I was kind of annoyed because I thought maybe Alexander ordered himself some shoes without asking.

When I opened up the box I got all un-annoyed. My Dad had read this post and decided that I needed a pair of nice flip flops. So these were delivered.

Mephisto red flip flop sandals


They’re fabulous. They’re just what everyone needs, unless you’re me because Mephisto doesn’t really fit me well. Apparently if you stand a little bit like a duck your toes hang off the sides of these suckers.

The good news? I have a $180 credit at Zappos and I’m vowing to actually spend it on myself. How many of us parents take store credits and end up spending the money on our kids or spouses instead? I’m very guilty of that, the reality is that I get a lot of pleasure from buying things for my family.

And as much as I’m tempted to buy a handful of Havaianas I’m going to shop like my dad does and buy one really nice something.

5 thoughts on “My Dad is A Totally Better Shopper Than Your Dad”

  1. Good for you, Jessica. Sometimes you just gotta treat yourself. And I think it’s sweet that your Dad still sends you things. I order a sampler box for my daughter each month and it ships directly to her house. She loves getting them and I get a kick out of her enjoying them. :)

  2. That’s like, the best dad present I’ve ever heard of. My dad usually goes for hand towels or random glass tchotchkes he thinks women will like. I think I’d cry for joy if he send me shoes. Go Jessica’s Dad!

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