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What Bugs You? Here’s What’s Bugging Me

Ugh, Monday. Monday is bugging me. Daphne got onto my shit list with this video, and Trish is halfway through a preganancy and is still thinnner than I’ll ever be.

Oh, and this video? I need you to know that every single time I shoot a video I check my hair and makeup, and then after I tape it I check it again. Every single one of the hundreds of videos I’ve shot. Except this one.

So my funky hair and I would like to talk to you a bit.



7 thoughts on “What Bugs You? Here’s What’s Bugging Me”

  1. My list could go on today..for a long time. I mostly hate that I am behind on everything since being gone last week.I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the minutia.
    It’s also bugging me that I went on Spring Break and ate a burrito as big as my head and gained a pound and a half, which wouldn’t be a HUGE deal in and of itself but my stupid ass is required to report my weight loss every week.So, that is truly bugging me.
    I’m also not real crazy about my Twitter picture. I told you this could on forever.
    But on another note,that hair you were referring to..looks like some good sex hair from here.So,I’d say you are having a good day:)

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