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I’m That Mom from the Commercial

Last night I was watching TV with Mr G when a Thank You Mom commercial came on. Since we live in the house that TV built we love a commercial, and I said to Mr G, that! That commercial is my campaign. I’m that mom.

He looked at me, a little puzzled and said, “What do you mean you’re that mom?”

“Honey, I’m totally that mom. And that is MY CAMPAIGN because I’m using my blog to talk about the Moms and the Special Olympics and P&G and OhMyGawdHoneyIsn’tItTheBestSetOfCommercialsEver?”

And then he sort of looked at the ceiling. I guess he’s still looking for leaks.

So I added, “I mean, besides the ones that you make.” And then we were happy.

Please don’t forget that whenever you like, share or comment on a Thank You Mom page on Facebook another dollar is donated to support Team USA’s travel to Athens.


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