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Junior and the Doggy Dentist

A few months ago Junior started licking everything. He licked the air, your hands, your clothing, my bed linens, everything. I thought it might have been behavioral as the latest addition to our family is not a lover of dogs. A few weeks ago I noticed that in addition to licking Junior had bad breath. He didn’t have typical dog breath, but he had the sort of breath where you longed for a good whiff of his ass because his ass would smell so much better.

So I brought Junior to the vet and the vet recommended a scaling. I knew this would happen because I could see the build up on his teeth. I’ve been a poodle owner for more than half my life so I know that the little dogs are particularly problematic when it comes to dentistry. Those anethesia free teeth cleaning services aren’t a good plan for a little dogs for a variety of reasons.

Today was scaling day. I brought Junior to the vet at 7.30 this morning and I missed getting my kids up and out the door so the whole day was a little funky for me. At about 11am I got a call from the vet to let me know that Junior had infections in his gums. To make a very long story short Junior lost eight teeth, got four antibiotic packs, and I lost any hope of ever having diamond earrings.

Oh also, his leg looks like the lamb chop I’m about to have for dinner.

He’s on my lap and moaning and all I want to do is cry and suck down a glass of wine, but Sandy the sadist trainer said that alcohol consumption can slow down your metabolism by 36%. I don’t want to be the fat lady with the toothless poodle.


4 thoughts on “Junior and the Doggy Dentist”

  1. Poor little Junior!! And that comment about how Juniors leg reminds you of your lamb chop you are about to eat, made me laugh REAL hard!

  2. Okay, I really don’t mean to laugh at your pain or Junior’s pain, but this post made me spew coffee on my monitor. Thanks for that. (I think that’s happened before.)

  3. Have some consideration, woman! Some of us are in the library and can’t afford to laugh our asses off hysterically! 

  4. My parents bred poodles. My very favorite when I was a child, Fifi (don’t laugh) had to have all of her teeth pulled because of the build up on her teeth and infections in her gums. She used to let her tongue hang out of her mouth and it looked quite funny. All of my friends made fun of her. But she was smart as a whip. She would play hide and go seek. So there.

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